April 2014 Wild Foods

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Whoa, your plants are way ahead of mine. Polk just coming up as well as lamb’s quarters. I am going out in the morning on a search mission. Jackie

On Wed, Apr 16, 2014
Have been picking lots of chickweed, dock, starting to get lambs quarters, yarrow, wild onions and garlic.  Lots of henbit and of course dead nettle.  Last week I went morel hunting but found none, again. I’m so envious of you guys that are finding them.  Did find two of those mushrooms we shared on the last walk….radeki? shandeki? here in the yard on hickory wood. Also making good use of the plantain I’m finding.  Pokeweed is nearing a foot tall in some of my picking spots! Hope everyone is having good luck on your hunts.  dogwood is blooming like crazy this week too!