Buffalohair Over 5 Million Views! Thank You!

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Jag Ensing

Wow! Can I brag on Carlos going around the World? 🙂 Well, I wanted to share this News, adding on the Webbly Sites, he now has over 5 Million views !!!!!!! I am so proud of him!!!!!!! It has been a rough time for him in losing his Best friend Bear, his beloved fans are standing by him, as he now heals! All our Love

1Ronda Workman- Johnson
Jag Ensing
Ronda Workman- Johnson

Ronda Workman- Johnson That is so AWESOME….he is doing what he’s suppose to be doing. I’m proud of him also…🙂….You have also helped in this by re-posting all his stories and things so good for you also…🙂