Redefining School and Reclaiming Our Lives: How to Create REAL Opportunities for Meaningful Education

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My life stories always make us sound weird 🙂 Oh my what a story on this one:) Should I leave out how good spirits/ energy seemed to be helping us at every turn? Against state police coming to try and take our first child away. I had this strong feeling to padlock our metal gates coming into our Ranch that morning! Right after I got back to the ranch house and upstairs I heard a clanking of the metal gates ! Standing back away from an upper window I watched the whole drama play out of police officers fooling with the chains and locks as a woman truant officer stared across the ranch land.! Yes, our property was posted with No Trespassing signs!

Then on to the School boards notices, our school teacher neighbors fighting against us? We got a lawyer at ACLU who happened to be a smart Jew, a religious one besides. There had been a won case in the State already so our lawyer was using that case in our favor. How every time we were to appear in Court it was canceled because everyone on the oppositions teams became deathly ill? Even the States Lawyers and their picked Judge were ill ! Like Wow!

Yes, we were against The Poison Needles of vaccines was the first reason behind our decision to home school our children at our ranch:) We got the backing of Educated friends and family members in the School systems in other States. From College Professors, High School and Grade School teachers and some local College Students as consultants for our classes. We ordered professional school courses by mail designed for professional people who traveled around the World with their school age children. It was a course approved by our State even:) My husband with 12 years of college under his belt himself, was still a working Scientist at a research center at that time and traveled back and forth to another State to work. I ran the Ranch and taught school, besides doing all our paper work for the case but with others help in approving what I had typed before sending it to the State. We did send our first child out of state for safety reasons, before the locked Ranch gates, to stay with our friends who were also home schooling:) During the on going Court Case that was pending. Yes the College Professor schooled his children at home also!

We did Win out side of Court! Ah yes, we never did get into that Court room! We were made a State School, where I had to agree to help teach their flunking students during the Summer months? The parents had to sign up for the courses and pay me per hour for my time. Was it easy? No, it was hard work mentally on all of us, as they watched us like hawks, paying us visits during classes and it took some of the fun we had from before, out of the classes a bit at first until we shook it all off. Our children were tested by them and scored higher then the local schools:) Oh Boy, talk about beaming smiles from our children! They are all grown today:) What is their favorite passion in life now? Gardening, raising flowers, Green House Businesses, Woodworking Shop:) They love it!

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