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I posted the following on both of my FB groups and wanted to post it here. This problem is growing, so much that each day I spend my morning on it.

Each morning I sit on this computer and answer emails. The last couple of weeks have been hard as I have so many emails from those who are food insecure. We have thousands here in Oklahoma. They are looking for a way to extend there food each month. All of my email seems to be from the elderly and young families. Their stories are heartbreaking to say the least. Due to the cut coming this month for many of them to their food stamps, they are looking for a way to keep food on their tables. Many of these families have both parents working. Then I received a email from a group who are concerned with our food banks that help feed many of these people. Due to the Farm Bill they will be receiving less and have no way to make up for the loss which will mean less food they can give out. This will be devastating to many of these families. I am giving you facts and by no way does this call for any political statements, they are not allowed here. I have made every effort to engage these people in conversation and try helping them with solutions. So far all have been receptive to any suggestions and very thankful. So what can I do to help them and others who find themselves in this situation? I have an idea of combining members of this group and my Let’s teach them to fish group to put on a free classes to show them ways to help them through this. I know if there are this many that are able to email me there must be so many times more. In the next couple of weeks I will call for volunteers to help me organize this. I will need volunteers in many different areas as it is impossible for me to travel this much. I am hoping to make a series of video’s to send out to be shown. This is a big project. I would like to put the video’s online for those who have access to computers. I most likely will start another group for this or run it from the Let’s teach them to fish group and my web site. If you have any ideas, send them to me at tsitsalagi@gmail.com

Jackie Dill

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Again In 2013! Stop the Eviction / Justice for the California Valley Miwok Tribe

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Buffalohair Productions
 Investigative Documentary Journalism
Anyone wanting to help the California Valley Miwok Tribe can contact both of the officials below and tell them that they need to pressure the California Gambling Control Commission to release the RSTF money owed to the Tribe so they can pay their bills and not have to worry about being evicted from the Tribal Property. Also, getting the word out to the media is most important!!!
Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr., California
Ms. Cynthia Gomez
Advisor to the Governor
1550 Harbor Blvd., Suite 100
West Sacramento, California 95691
Ph: (916) 373-3718
State Senator Cathleen Galgiani
Mr. Max Vargas,
Deputy District Director
Stockton District Office
31 E. Channel, Ste. 440
Stockton, California 95202
Ph: (209) 948-7930
Fax: (209) 948-7930

Email: Max.Vargas@sen.ca.gov

Stop the Eviction – Justice for the California Valley Miwok Tribe



The California Valley Miwok Tribe has been notified that its Tribal Property is scheduled for auction on Monday, October 21, 2013 at 11:00 am, to be held at 222 E. Weber Ave., Stockton California. The Tribe is federally recognized, and is listed in the federal register. CVMT is a “landless Tribe” in that it does not possess land held in trust by the federal government. The State of California expressly recognizes the Tribal Property as the Tribe’s principal place of business. The Tribe has no other real estate other than the Tribal Property. The Tribe has no other location from which it can continue to provide governmental services critical to the Tribe and its members. The Tribe is a sovereign nation that is fully entitled to govern its own resources, interests, and rights, including its own property. The Tribe has resided at 10601 N. Escondido Pl., Stockton since 2002, prior to moving to Stockton, the Tribe was located in Tracy (San Joaquin County) California.

California Valley Miwok Tribe – Stop the Eviction, Justice for the Miwok
10601 N. Escondido Pl., Stockton, CA 95212

The Bank auctioning the Tribal Property will cause harm to the Tribe. The action will paralyze the Tribe’s ability to continue governmental operations and administration of essential Tribal benefits to its members. Allowing the seizure of the Tribal Property is in direct contravention of the Tribe’s sovereignty and tramples on the Tribe’s ability to properly and meaningfully exercise its sovereign authority. The California Valley Miwok Tribe is a self-governing Indian Tribe possessing inherent sovereignty that predates the founding of the United States and the ratification of the United States Constitution. The Tribe possesses a distinct political society capable of managing its own affairs and through its sovereignty, is generally immune from state laws and administrative actions that would interfere with those rights of self-government and sovereign immunity. The Tribe is currently seeking resolution of its interest in ongoing litigation, and such ongoing litigation affects the Tribal Property at issue, any and all disposition of that Property will improperly interfere in that litigation.

At the heart of this foreclosure and pending eviction is the California Gambling Control Commission (CGCC), which has been illegally withholding CVMT’s Revenue Sharing Trust Fund (RSTF) monies since the 4th quarter of 2005. This action stems from a tribal member being taken advantage of and manipulated by outside influences to file a false claim of a leadership dispute. The outside influence then initiated a fictitious group falsely claiming to be members of CVMT. Not one member of this group is or ever was a member or in any way associated with the California Valley Miwok Tribe, in fact, there is not a single individual in this fictitious group that has federal recognition to prove that they are Native American Indian. The fictitious group is after the Tribes Revenue Sharing Trust Fund money, they have no standing to file suit or claims on behalf of the Tribe. In February 2011, in court deposition, the tribal member admitted that he lied about the tribal leader dispute, and that it was an outside influence who told him to say there was a leadership dispute. Even with this admission, the Gambling Control Commission continues to illegally withhold the Tribe’s RSTF money saying they do not know who the Tribal leader is. The Gambling Control Commissions’ deliberate and continued interference into the California Valley Miwok Tribe’s governmental affairs has caused the Tribe to default on its Property payments. CVMT is asking all federally recognized California Tribes who pay into the RSTF to demand that the Commission immediately release the RSTF monies that are owed to the California Valley Miwok Tribe. CGCC’s refusal to release CVMT’s RSTF monies is in clear violation of the 1999 State compact.

The Tribe has made numerous good faith attempts to negotiate an amicable resolution with the Bank towards resolving any outstanding debt on the Tribal Property. Instead of trampling on the rights of a sovereign Indian Nation, the Bank should be working with the Tribal government against the California Gambling Control Commission to pressure the Commission to follow the law and release the RSTF monies so that the Tribe can pay its bills. The California Valley Miwok Tribe is hereby asking for all media, the general public, concerned citizens, other federally recognized Tribes, local, state and federal officials and representatives to help the California Valley Miwok Tribe save the only Tribal Property that it has.

An impending eviction is causing the Tribe an inability to provide essential services such as public safety, education, health care, and basic infrastructure critical to its members. This is of no fault of the Tribe. The public is well aware that the United States has just come out of a 16 day government shutdown. We all have the images fresh in our minds of some of the 800,000 federal workers who were protesting the shutdown because they were worried about the uncertainty of how they were going to pay their bills, buy food, etc… In the brief time allowed for the federal workers to contact via email or otherwise, CVMT received many calls and emails from federal workers telling us they have been furloughed. Little did the people contacting us know that the California Valley Miwok Tribe has endured years of abuse and financial strangulation from the California Gambling Control Commission, and the government shutdown was no different than what the Tribe has been dealing with since CGCC unilaterally stopped releasing CVMT’s Revenue Sharing Trust Fund money, in which the Tribe is an eligible tribe to receive. The California Gambling Control Commissions’ lack of respect for Tribal sovereignty needs to be addressed so that no other Tribes and their membership have to suffer the way we are suffering. The People of California deserve to know the truth.

The California Valley Miwok Tribe has suffered far too long. It’s sad to think of what our Indian ancestors had to survive through while California was becoming a State, but, in this day and age, to think that officials employed by the California Gambling Control Commission have no empathy towards the suffering of the tribal members of the California Valley Miwok Tribe bring us to tears each time we wake up to another miserable day of existence. As long as the CGCC Commissioners get their paycheck each month and pay their bills, they don’t worry about their property being foreclosed on, or about being evicted with winter around the corner. What our Tribe has to look forward to is empty holiday cheer, with no reason to celebrate. At least with the government shutdown being over, we are grateful to have commodity food to prepare meals. As we search through our faded and torn clothing, and think back on the embarrassment of closing out our bank accounts because the balance statement showed zero. We are asking people to imagine themselves in our situation, feel the anger, the pain and the distrust for the system that has failed us so miserably.

No one should have to live in constant fear of being thrown in the streets. Of wondering how you are going to pay the utility bills or purchase tribal office supplies to correspond with federal, state and local agencies. Or to sit in a cold office because you are afraid to turn the heat on because heating the office would cause the utility bills to be too big to pay. Or to have to make a decision not make an appointment with a doctor or dentist because you have no money to pay the medical bill or gas for the vehicle to take you to the appointment.

The California Valley Miwok Tribe is a tribe member of many organizations, listed is an example of such organizations: National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA), California Tribal TANF Partnership (CTTP-TANF), California Association of Tribal Governments (CATG), Sierra Nevada Native American Graves and Repatriation Act Coalition (SNNC) NAGPRA, The American Indian Chamber of Commerce of California (AICC of CA), National Congress of American Indians (NCAI).

This is a very critical situation the Tribe is in. We are asking for all who read this article to save the California Valley Miwok Tribe, stop the eviction, and assist the Tribe in getting its Revenue Sharing Trust Fund (RSTF) money released from the California Gambling Control Commission (CGCC) so the Tribe can save its property, pay its bills, and keep the tribal day-to-day operations / programs running to serve its tribal members, and to continue to carry out its responsibilities to the planning departments, transportation departments, social departments, FCC Tower Construction projects, general public inquiries, etc.

The United States has a trust responsibility and November is Native American Heritage Month. Please help us put an end to these unwarranted and shameful abuses against the California Valley Miwok Tribe.

If you can help us, please contact the California Valley Miwok Tribe via Tribal Office phone (209) 931-4567, Fax: (209) 931-4333, Office Email: office@cvmt.net , Tribal Council: tribe@californiavalleymiwoktribe-nsn.gov , Chairperson Silvia Burley at s.burley@californiavalleymiwoktribe-nsn.gov.


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Oklahoma Wildcrafting on the news!

Subject: Oklahoma Wildcrafting on the news!

This month we spent the day with Kisha Banister from channel 25. Fun day! She just let me know that it will be aired in two pieces on the 9 o’clock news on Nov. 8th. One at the start of the news and one later in the news. Interviewed were myself, Chef Marc Dunham, mycologist Professor Ken Conway, Katheryn Bieber our published author and great crafter and Jenny Mansell our country herbalist. I can’t wait to watch it! Hope you all watch it with us.

Jackie Dill

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Survival Knowledge Of The Old Ways

[okforageahead] Hickories and more.

Good Morning. I have sent Gwen a e-mail as the hickory nuts are starting to fall. I have asked her to do the hickory syrup demonstration while I do the hickory butter as both are time consuming and if I tried to do one after the other we would be at that workshop until late at night. When she answers me we will set up a walk and workshop that day. The native pecans are really falling here. The tunas on the prickly pears are ready. The bur oak acorns are still green, won’t be too much longer. We will have a workshop to show how to process them for flour and also to use as you would a nut. Get ready we should change to winter weather here soon.

Jackie Dill

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Jackie Dill

Heritage Wildcrafter

Oklahoma Wildcrafting – www.oklahomawildcrafting.com.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/groups/Oklahomawildcrafting/

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Job wanted Eugene. Oregon or?


Nyle Alantin


Nyle Alantin doesn’t have to be Eugene




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Here i am! we had an awesome two months. Did all kinds of amazing stuff.



[okforageahead] Yesterday’s news shoot

I though I would share yesterday all went very well. Jenny, Ken Katheryn and Marc were all interviewed along with me. We set down to lunch with Kisha (reporter) and the camera lady and fed them some wild foods. Kisha liked passion fruit and tried it all and so did the camera lady. We had wild egg drop soup and Katheryn made up some great plates of vegs from my garden along with pickled garlic scapes. We had sauteed Puff Ball mushrooms which I sent the remainder with our Mycologist Ken Conway. During the interviews Ken spoke about the years he spent getting called from the Poison Control when someone would eat a mushroom and show up at the ER. He says he does not miss being woke up in the middle of the night. Jenny brought many of her herbal preparations this time and shared her natural dyed clothes. Katheryn shared her new experiences of wildcrafting and about writing books, by the way she left a book she wrote on the table and I hope she left it for me! Marc had a throat problem so I made him some Purple Bee Balm tea. I didn’t get to listen to his interview, but I am sure it was great as he is such a progressive wise chef. His knowledge of nutrition and where your food comes from is extensive. At the end of the day I took the girls wildcrafting. I sure hope the stand of prickly Pear cactus make the cut they are so pretty. They were a lot of fun and want to come back to wildcraft without cameras. I checked on the hickory nuts and acorns yesterday and both are not ready yet. The pecans are falling as are the black walnuts. The wild hops are getting ready for you beer makers.

Jackie Dill

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