Bear The Wonder Dog Page: Strange Happenings…3

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Bear The Wonder Dog Page: Strange Happenings


Yes, Very strange happenings!


 Sad  we are when left behind by one of our loved ones …….. our work not done.





Every one of our team went down with an illness one by one?  We were all poisoned by either something in the air / or in what we ate or drank?

First our youngest, in not being able to breathe/ yes, our computer whiz ,Then it was my turn, Bear / Myself, hit the hardest as I past to the Spirit World back home,  Next  hit hard, was Our oldest, designer / keeper of the many  web sites we have!

Then low and behold!!!!!  That was just too much for my dad:( He was upset with us all, for not telling him right away that we were ill. So that all our prayers could all go out together in one prayer ! But dad it happened layered! Yes, the youngest delayed in telling us, the oldest had to get sick next to draw it out of the young one, who thought he had to be the strongest for all of us.

Sorry, dad , remember we are all a bit on the poor side😦 Oxygen Tanks of air and doctors cost money,  that we just do not have! So we have to go completely on our faith in our real creator/ Grandfather.

Some times we are just too sick to reach out to worry others . With that old prayer of good thoughts, ‘this too will pass’ ? Sorry if we failed you health wise:(

May our haters with bad thoughts and bad wishes/ or wrong prayers / of their own hateful bad karma, return to them if grandfather wishes or  the hate just fades away into nothingness …… not hurting anyone!

Be good everyone!

Love one another! This is not the time to act like hurt children over my passing, please! I am in a better place now, as much as I loved being with you! You will see me again! We are still together in Spirit!

All my love,

Bear The Wonder Dog






I am meeting all the family and even Annie’s, mom and brother, with all her Buddies, that were either killed, stolen, or passed on of old age!

Everybody says Hi! Annie …. Hi! Family …..



Here is a photo of Jeff from the ranch! Chacadyah’s collie, that side kicked around the Ranch with Annie!

Jeff would go to her to ask for her healing hands ,when bitten by poison snakes / Rattlers or Copper Heads. In an instant the swelling and bite would disappear! Just as Jeff knew it would:) Thank You Annie for the strong connection !












It  all reminds me of this poison in our air!






Now the evil of this World is trying to  take us away from each other and break up this powerful  Mother Earth team:(  Little do they know, how much more powerful we become , with a home base Spirit connection:)

Annie knows about that, in being drawn up out of that deep water well cave, as a child  via her mother ‘s prayer help connection in the Spirit World, to Grandfather! A Mother still  Looking Out for her child, through a  Spiritual connection!! No earthly human hand helped her child from drowning:( But Grandfather heard their cries for help!:) Thank You Grandfather!!!!!!!

Be safe everyone in your own lives with your Loved Ones! … Bear The Wonder Dog










 Good KARMA!















Our True Wonderful Friends!