NativeArtsCulture2 … Group at Yahoo?

Jag Ensing  FB

NativeArtsCulture2 … The back up Group we had? We still have it:)


It is full of Buffalohair Stories! Back to 2007. So really it is more up to date then the old RJ Art Culture Group. Many liked his art he taught at the Colleges. His red headed mother marry an Apache warrior, so his half sisters were his step-dads daughters. That group was getting so old, the Information links were no longer working, as all the sites were gone So was RJ ! I awoke one day and found the group was left to me? Gee Thanks A Lot !!!!!!!



Some Loyal friends from there came over to support the back up group we had as Yahoo had lots of problems! Yahoo Has made many changes! One sister, Maggie Who lived by my Ranch in WVA.,we met later at the old group! Wow! What a small world! She came to the back up group I made after I became owner. Groups would disappear a lot back then. So any way… long story short:) A little history:) lol

I am Watching / Listening now to, –Teachings of the Tree People: IslandWood Cultural History Series, Teacher Resources:) I will try to keep it all Cultural with Nations Artists , Musicians and Sites as long as it is still there for the few:) Has 7 members:) lol One of those tiny groups but with great content:)



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