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I am going to release the book tomorrow. Today I am posting a list of photo contributors. If they want a free PDF of the book they just need to let me know by email. Sarah Warmker, Pat Williams, Tobie Alsip, Meghan Brady, Jess
Fussell, Katheryn Tidwell Bieber, Neva P.D. Alsip, Jakub Hartlieb, Julie
Gahn, David Lebow, Audrey Frampton, Lisa Drake Williams, Michele
White, Tricia Dameron, Jenny Faith Mansell, Liz Loizos, Tim Shade, Ayesha
Coles Griffith, Shelia Blankenship, Amy Barrier Pollman, Linda Tisdale
Kuczwanski, Christina Slovinski, Peter Kunzler, Janice Monroe, Leava
Barger Major, Phillip Smith, Lisa Drake Williams, Jared Wakefield, Phillip
Smith, Amanda Christine Shelton , Trica Dameron, Julie Syl and Laura
Grafham Knapp. I think I have them all. If you want a free PDF for letting me use your picture, let me know by sending an email to tsitsalagi@ gmail.com . I will try to get these sent out in the next two days. This PDF only works on computers with adobe. The book will be sold as a three file format, PDF, MOBI and EPUB. I will release the book tomorrow morning at 10 AM. I want to thank Katheryn Tidwell Bieber for her help, Dana Brunson who is a rock in any storm, all those who pictures are in the book, My nephew William Boyea for tech help (thank goodness for a software developer in the family), Michelle Mays whose encouragement years ago to teach others, led me down a most rewarding path and to all those wonderful people I have met through Oklahoma Wildcrafting so many friendships for one lifetime. Then on top of all that the support of my husband Jim. Thank you!

Jackie Dill

Heritage Wildcrafter
Oklahoma Wildcrafting – www.oklahomawildcrafting.com.

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Here is the ebook. After months of work, Katheryn spent two weeks on editing and Jess Fussel and her friend Clay did all the proofing. It is ready in PDF format. For those who would like it for Kindle or IPad or for a phone there are converters online for free and paid ones to change it to MOBI or EPUB. I hope you enjoy the book, Jackie

$12.99, Oklahoma Wildcrafting Oklahoma Wildcrafting – A Guide to Wild Edibles, Mushrooms and Fruit for beginners ebook, in PDF format. &nbsp;&nbsp;For those who would like this book in epub or mobi format there are free as well as paid programs on the web to help you. They will allow you to convert this PDF for IPad, Kindle and phones.

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