Birthday Thank You / A Little Earth Change Rabble

Birthday Thank You & A Little Earth Change Rabble


Umm, well you guys did it again. So now I find the need to post a response to all you birthday well wishers both public and private:

“Gee guys, thank you. I’ve never been one for birthdays and other sentiments, etc. But now-a-dayz I must admit that I am forever humbled by all this birthday Shazbat. Never in my life did I ever expect to receive birthday wishes from every continent on this planet, well except for ‘New Schwabenland’ but then again, you never know. Someone did send me a Deutschemark with a penguin printed on it, ach du lieber!!”

Well I’m still here pissing everyone off on planet stupid as prophecy continues to march forward while counting coup along the way. The good thing is the fact, the last era is slowly but surely loosing it’s luster and ‘state of science’ as we move into a new era of existence and new rules of physics.

All news is fake & scripted. The very Corporations & Globalists who are ushering in the New World Order & Nuclear Energy also owns the media on both sides of the political isle, as well as the candidates. ‘Divide & Conquer’. Fortunately we’ve entered the final Chapter of the Global Oligarchs/NWO coloring book. Don’t worry, their final production will be to convince the global population that ‘their’ alien chums are the true G*D’s of Creation as their grand finally.  Oh boy, I want some popcorn.

Rule of thumb; the true Creator does not need a Frisbee to buzz around creation in, secret societies or so-called advanced technology. Only galactic bottom feeders share technology with man so they can grab land & kill people. Nothing G*DLY about these Space Crackers! Good thing is, 99.9% of my long time readers already know the score, for themselves. We all just agree with each other.

It’s all those without true spirituality who will be taken in by the Hollywood/NASA/Disney Production of the ‘Second Coming’, oh yawn. Sadly it will be the vast majority of the global populations who will buy into the scheduled Second Coming of G*D Hoax, yet another false flag event we can caulk up for histories sake. The march of the lemmings.

Anywayz, thanks for the birthday cheer. I should have some new stories, videos, etc shortly. Just trying to get all the outside stuff done at the arts complex and my chateau….LOL! More like, Maison des chiens et des artistes perdus, arf, wags tail…

Just for the record, Summer never really kicked in here in the high country. So that has spawned plenty of winter preparation that usually does not start till September.

I’m just sayin…

Your Devil’s Advocate




Click here to support LETS MAKE GLOBAL ART HISTORY organized by Carlos Buffalohair…….

Yes, The New Pup Reporter Loki, is behind this one! Stamp of Approval : Bear The Wonder Dog Approves!

Youth and their Art may have their own Museum / Gallery. A good start today With Their paintings!

Would each of us that are visiting these pages , be willing to send a USA Dollar / $1.00 for the International Children Artist Museum  AT ” Sitt Nyein Aye , Art and Culture Center ”  and help the Children send in their Art for Display and the selling their art for them, Around the World ?

Awe ……. Thank You so much!

Love, Ann



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Click here to support LETS MAKE GLOBAL ART HISTORY organized by Carlos Buffalohair
The Sitt Nyein Aye Art’s & Cultural Center Named for renowned Burmese artist/activist U Sitt Nyein Aye, this complex is actually a lumberyard set on two…
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The Sitt Nyein Aye Art’s & Cultural Center

Named for renowned Burmese Artist/Activist U Sitt Nyein Aye, this complex is actually a lumberyard set on two commercially zoned blocks (1 acre), with approximately 30,000 sq. ft. of covered space,  2 story building, warehouses, blab, blab, blab. The story of how we managed to score this primo piece of property is a story in itself for it was a hazardous journey.

Now we own it all, lock, stock and tomahawk but we face another daunting challenge, to bring the existing compound up to speed with regard to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Disabled People (CRPD), The International Disabilities Alliance (IDA) & The American’s With Disabilities Act (ADA).

Being that I am disabled as well as many of my friends I know the struggles a disabled person must endure during the course of just one day, both physical and the emotional aspects of our condition. I don’t simply want to comply with disabilities mandates, I want to embrace these mandates.

Lessons learned by the devastating Oakland Artist Collective Fire a few months back exposed the  critical need to address public safety from a variety of vantage points. What about the disabled people who would not be as ambulatory in escaping a fire? How would they escape & how would they survive?

Adding to our concerns is the fact we want to build an International Children’s Art Museum within this complex. How can we make this facility safe for everyone who enters this compound, especially kids? Toss in the myriad of shops, galleries and the visitors they will being to our complex and it is all to clear, Public Safety & Disabilities MUST be addressed from the very beginning NOT as an after thought.

After watching as our community races to comply with Disabilities mandates after the fact, spending millions to renovate and cobble ramps and doorways, we want to do things different and that is why I am here, to petition the global art community for assistance.

I mentioned 5 million dollars as the sum we would need to bring this arts center into compliance in the very beginning and believe me, this is a conservative estimate since fire mitigation is also necessary. So I am petitioning for the assistance from the international commercial sector as well as the citizens & artisans of the world in the evolution of this arts complex.

Along with funding it would be way cool to have engineers, architects and innovators in the field of Disabilities to assist in the construction of this arts complex. This could be a veritable showcase of  innovation   design that could revolutionize how we address the growing number of disabled clientele globally speaking.

Being that I am disabled I can safely say that it would be nice to be able to visit places that are accessible to the disabled regardless of handicap. To have freedom of movement and share in the beauty of art rather than wondering if your wheelchair will fit in the door. When I was wheelchair bound I hated crashing into people because there was no room on the walk path for me to pass.

Who would benefit from this Project? The Global Art Community & the disabled would by having another international arts and cultural destination. But for the disabled artists & entrepreneur this would be a blessing. To address the needs for the disabled from the very beginning would also open up opportunity for the disabled to get involved with this arts & cultural project from the very onset. Maybe have their own store or gallery.

The lumberyard is raw, ready for development and is prime for Innovations in the world of disabilities. This must be addressed before we can move forward. Addressing disabilities in the design & construction of this complex will save millions if we address this in the beginning. With the help of the global public and experienced professionals in the World of Disabilities this could be more than a real cool art & cultural center.

The Sitt Nyein Aye Arts & Cultural Center would be an international showcase or blueprint of how we can address the needs of disabled human beings in the future. Now that would make history in any ones book.

My mentor and dear friend the late Robert Perske championed the cause of the disabled and he continues to be my inspiration. If only he was here to see what I’ve gotten myself into now.

I know he would be proud…






Wang Ping ‘Kinship of Rivers’ Project Returns to ‘The Colony’. Trinidad Colorado

Wang Ping ‘Kinship of Rivers’ Project Returns to ‘The Colony’. Trinidad Colorado

Wang Ping ‘Kinship of Rivers’ Project Returns to ‘The Colony’. Trinidad Colorado

dumpling flyer

As promised Award Winning Laureate Wang Ping returns to The Colony to prepare her Traditional Chinese Dumpling. Kinship of Rivers continues to inspire unity and bring respect to our most precious commodity, water. Mni Wiconi, Water is Life and Wang Ping made the pilgrimage to the Oceti Sakowin Camp, along the Cannon Ball River. It became a sacred journey, a story you must hear.

Ms. Ping will share her tales of life and the people who inspired them, along the river. It’s not just about dumplings, it’s about life, cultures, diversity as well as commonalities that make us uniquely human. Kinship is a bond that needs few worlds to describe for it is more a feeling of deeper understanding, trust and sanctuary, a novelty in today’s world. She’ll be at the Amato Lumber Yard Complex, 224 E. Godding, Trinidad, Colorado, 81082 on May 21st at 3:00 pm.

Renowned Artist/Activist Sitt Nyein Aye of Burma will also be painting Murals and Big & little kids are most welcome to participate with Sitt and express themselves in color. Wang Ping will display her Everest Flag Installations. Everyone can create a flag with personal statements, concerns prayers or whatever floats their canoe in the spirit of sharing and cultural expression.

Visitors from around the planet encouraged to bring their traditional regalia, music, and stories, join in on the conversation. If you’re from another universe, ‘Sí, hablamos Pleiadean & Andromedian’. Carbon and sodium based life forms welcome. Abductions and probing prohibited where posted.  BYOAC: Bring Your Own Aluminum Cap. Bring sense of humor

Minstrels welcome to wandering about eh. Hopefully a mix of cultures will converge on this humble little gathering to give a truly international flavor to this humble event. Human beings from a throughout the universe and multi dimensional planes are invited to celibate water with Wang Ping, Sitt Nyein Aye and the artists from ‘The Colony’.

Regardless of the state of it’s state of matter, water is water.

Wang Ping will be at the Amato Lumber Yard Complex, 224 E. Godding, Trinidad, Colorado, on Sunday May 21st at 3:00 pm.

Open agenda & room for improv. 

Info:, ask for Guido, Capice?

Your Devil’s Advocate


Buffalohair: Thingyan Celebration. Denver Colorado / 4-16-17 April 22. 2017

Thingyan Celebration, Denver Colorado, 4-16-17

A video glimpse into the Burmese Community on Thingyan, The Burmese New Years Celebration.

What stole the show for me was the reunion of comrades who struggled, fought and in some cases were tortured for years in prison in an effort to break a man’s spirit.

Fortunately, the spirit of freedom and democracy did not die within these most honorable men.

They stand together once again.

Saw Ngo, Hlaing Moe Than, Sitt Nyein Aye, Ko Oo (below) are Burma’s hallowed heroes.


Burma’s Warriors for Peace

And it was an honor to be among Real Champions of Freedom and Democracy.

Your Devil’s Advocate


Saving Clean Drinking Water ND Police Tear Gas Guns Out On Road Blocking Cars

ND Police Tear Gas Guns Out On Road Blocking Cars



Tribe Members Shake Police Hands and give them flower buds!

Police Move Massive Army on Water Protectors Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

You Tube

You all rock! “Red Hand” – A Native American time-travel movie

Rod Pocowatchit feeling pumped.

· Wichita, KS ·

Hey peeps! One day in and we’re already slightly past $1,000! You all rock! Join us in our journey to make a Native time travel movie (and if you don’t know how this works, it’s a crowdfunding site, completely safe). Either we make our goal or get nothing, so every bit helps, strength in numbers! Thank you!

“Red Hand” – A Native American time-travel movie

A Native American man with the power to heal time-travels from the future to rescue a man who is pivotal in saving the Native race.

Award Winning Laureate Wang Ping Graces Literary World of Trinidad Colorado

Award Winning Laureate Wang Ping Graces Literary World of Trinidad Colorado


Wang Ping at TAAC Gallery

‘International Flare’ best describes the activities at the Gallery Main/Trinidad Area Arts Counsel. Along with a budding art community, the literary scene within this historic community has grown exponentially and nothing could emphasis this more than a visit by the ever popular award winning laureate Wang Ping.


Through the concerted efforts of the literary community and the Trinidad State Junior College, most notably, educator John Casuqarelli Wang Ping chose to grace this community with both a book signing of her epic piece ‘Ten Thousand Waves’ and do some readings from her book. On a side bar, her masterpiece earned acclaim as a feature film of historic significance in addressing the atrocious treatment of Chinese immigrants in the land of freedom, milk and honey, (USA).


Wang Ping

Open, warm and vivacious yet accented with subtle Asian mystery and timeless allure, that is ‘The Wang Ping Experience’. Whisked away to a place far removed from time and space, sometimes with joy and sometimes with poignancy and pain. In a culinary sense Wang Ping titillates and deliciates the literary palate of all who are graced with the sound of this enchantress’ voice. Mesmerizing would be an understatement and thought provoking would only skim the surface…


Was the audience whisked to a place of joy or dark forebode in a repartee of stark reality? Well, I was pretty frigging happy since Wang Ping was on the other side of my camera lens and I was in Downtown Trinidad Colorado. No rush hour traffic on the Hollywood Freeway for me eh. It was a two day adventure with a world class poet and humanitarian, Wang Ping. With the splendor of the majestic Rocky Mountains as her backdrop it does not get any better than that.

If you are aware of Wang Ping you are also aware she is never idle and everything has purpose and direction. In coming to Trinidad she also made the community aware of her on going *’Kinship of Rivers’ project uniting communities in kinship and harmony along the Mississippi & Yangtze Rivers. From what I observed it’s an extension of an olive branch in uniting people, not governments or politics. Just unity among the children of planet earth

Within this Kinship of Rivers project are these colorful flags molded after Tibetanwang5 Prayer Flags. For the most part they hold the same significance but with a dash of kinship for those who live along these powerful earth bound arteries of life and their tributaries. The flags where written with the hopes and dreams of the people then the thoughts symbolically released. All with the expressed blessing from His Holiness the Dali Lama.

Throughout the pomp and circumstance of Wang Ping’s whirlwind visit to Trinidad,


Beauty and the Beast

Colorado there was a theme that resonated during her entire stay and it was simply a message of love, tolerance and good will. What I saw through my camera lens was poetry in motion as this award winning woman blended and interacted with fans as if they were the oldest of friends and it was genuine. You could feel the magic as she made everyone she met feel uniquely special. You should have been there, oh well.


Your Devil’s Advocate



Justice for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash Woman Warrior

Antonio Sanchez shared Justice for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash Woman Warrior’s video.





Justice for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash Woman Warrior

January 22, 2013 ·

Letters from Leonard.
By Denise Pictou Maloney in Justice for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash Woman Warrior

In 1999, shortly after indictments were issued for the murder of my mother, Leonard sent me a letter from Leavenworth warning us to be wary of what the feds told us regarding his involvement in my mother’s murder, that he had not interrogated my mother who he considered to be like a sister to him and that he loved her very much. The irony at that time was that I had not talked to any authorities or “feds”. I had only been in contact with John Trudell, Dino Butler, Nilak Butler and Rob Robideau who all confirmed that, yes indeed, it was members of AIM who carried out the execution orders to execute Annie Mae on false accusations that she was a fed. Robideau also re-confirmed the gun in the mouth interrogation of my mother by Leonard (my mother had told our family of her interrogation when she came to see us last in the fall, a few months before her death)
When I replied to Peltiers letter I stated that if he seemed so convinced that my mother was murdered by the FBI, he would surely have no problem in helping “his sisters” daughters campaign for her justice and sharing the details and proof that he had to support those claims. His response to my requests for help was that he “would not participate in incarcerating another NDN man” and that he had indeed interrogated my mother but he did not use a gun. Robideau had warned Peltier to leave Annie Maes murder investigation alone and not to get involved. At the same time one of Peltiers minions had contacted me separately and said Leonard would support justice for Annie Mae if we would support him in his clemency campaign for his freedom.
The problem was, is that I had already had several phone conversation and emails with his co accused cousin Robideau who shared many details with me of how “Leonard was a fool to involve himself in the Annie Mae murder by voicing an opinion and that he should have just let sleeping dogs lie” which ended with Leonard publically deciding to support Graham (the man accused and now convicted of the murder of Annie Mae) when we refused to sign a letter of support for Leonard. Robideau said “Leonard was an idiot and he deserved to be where he was and he would go down with the rest of them”. During the five years I had corresponded with Robideau he confirmed many suspicions and details I had been told by other witnesses over the years. When I specifically asked him if Leonard shot those agents he paused for a few seconds and blurted out “I can’t answer that! I am Leonard’s first cousin” and I responded ” you just did” and he nervously laughed and said I didn’t understand what was going on then and that it was a war…it was self defense.
It was during Grahams Trial that Kamook Banks Eccoffey testified that Leonard had bragged to my mother, her sister Bernie and herself about shooting one of the agents point blank while he begged for his life. Leonard Peltier, Dennis Banks, Russell Means, the Bellecourt Brothers, David Hill, Leonard Crow Dog , Bruce Ellison, Madonna Gilbert, Loralie Decora Means, and at least a dozen other witnesses watched as my mother’s was interrogated, kidnapped, beaten , raped, dragged off to her death and then dumped on the side of the road like a bag of garbage. They have all known for 36 years it was not the fbi who murdered Annie Mae and they chose to lie and deceive NDN country to save their own asses.
Currently Leonard and AIM support Graham who was just convicted in Dec. of 2010 for the kidnapping felony murder of Annie Mae. Heros?? I think not . For 28 years our family sat in silent mourning while these cowards postured and reinvented history, and not once did they bother to contact their so called “friends” family. For those with the courage to learn the real truth and not the lies that I am a fed ( lol…. aim and Peltiers only rebuttal towards me, the same title I will remind everyone that they gave to my mother before they executed her) please feel free to contact me with your questions and for more details.




Big Short or Long Range Building Plans at Pine Ridge?

Remember to tell your children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren this EVERY SINGLE DAY       That you love them!

FeatherSpeak via Wikoskalaka Yuwita Pi – Lakota Gathering of Young Women


shared MTV‘s video.
MTV uploaded a new video.

Inspired by MTV‘s Rebel Music: Native America premiere? Meet more Indigenous youth whose plans to make a difference brought them to The White House.



Tanka Bar – Kyle, SD – Food & Grocery, Corporate Office …

Tanka Bar, Kyle, SD. 10637 likes · 340 talking about this · 75 were here. BE TANKA! LIVE LIFE POWERFULLY! Visit our store locator:…


Photo: Oglala Sioux riders

In the Shadow of Wounded Knee

After 150 years of broken promises, the Oglala Lakota people of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota are nurturing their tribal customs, language, and beliefs. A rare, intimate portrait shows their resilience in the face of hardship.



Oglala Lakota Women and Buffalo


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Deer Parks


Here’s a mythbuster… A different and alien [to the eastern hemisphere] tradition of animal husbandry: what early European settlers were unable to realize.

“Rather than domesticate animals for meat, Indians retooled ecosystems to encourage elk, deer, and bear. Constant burning of undergrowth increased the numbers of herbivores, the predators that fed upon them, and the people who ate them both. Rather than the thick, unbroken monumental snarl of trees imagined by Thoreau, the great eastern forest was an ecological kaleidoscope of garden plots, blackberry rambles, pine barrens, and spacious groves of chestnut, hickory, and oak… Incredible to imagine today, bison occurred from New York to Georgia. A creature of the prairie, Bison bison was imported to the East by Native Americans along a path of indigenous fire, as they changed enough forest into fallows for it to survive far outside its original range. When the Haudenosaunee hunted these animals, the historian William Cronon observed, they

‘were harvesting a foodstuff which they had consciously been instrumental in creating. Few English observers could have realized this. People accustomed to keeping domesticated animals lacked the conceptual tools to recognize that the Indians were practicing a more distant kind of husbandry of their own.’

… Carrying their flints and torches, Native Americans were living in balance with Nature—but they had their thumbs on the scale. Shaped for their comfort and convenience, the American landscape had come to fit their lives like comfortable clothing. It was a highly successful and stable system, if “stable” is the appropriate word for a regime that involves routinely enshrouding miles of countryside in smoke and ash…” – Charles Mann, “1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus”

Their original range stretched from California to the Atlantic and from northern Mexico to Canada. Just imagine 60 million head of bison (an actual estimate for around 1500, btw) grazing around North America, on artificial prairies created by Native Americans through controlled burnings—basically a patchwork of huge hunting parks. It makes the ranches of the west look like child’s play. Steak, anyone?

  • I always had this dream for Pine Ridge but not the money to do it:( To build a huge beautiful Mall Center for the Children there. As an Entrance park area into their town! With a healing prayer Totem for all the children, like they made The Children’s Sculpture that is on display at the world headquarters plaza of Levi Strauss in San Francisco.

    Jag Ensing's photo.

    Bluebird Woman Elayna Reyna of the San Juan Bautista American Indian Council puts her own healing energy into the Children’s Sculpture.

    Jag Ensing's photo.

Lakota Koskalaka Wica Yuwita Pi – Lakota Young Men’s Gathering uploaded a new video.

It has begun! Youth Healing Camp 2015! My 11 year old son, Wahacanka Wakangli, is wrapping the poles.

Antonio Sanchez shared Lakota Koskalaka Wica Yuwita Pi – Lakota Young Men’s Gathering’s photo.


We have a few more to put up but things are going well

Oyate Wahacanka Woecun's photo.
Oyate Wahacanka Woecun's photo.
Oyate Wahacanka Woecun's photo.
Oyate Wahacanka Woecun's photo.

Oyate Wahacanka Woecun added 4 new photos.

Wopila Tanka for all those who came and shared our special day. It was a time for reflection and to look towards the future.
We were told, Sicangu Iyuksa Wicoti Namniya sniyo
(Not to scatter, don’t scatter- do not do this: when one leaves a group, he leaves “it” unfinished).
We continue our prayers, and will remain Shielding the People
One heart ~ one mind ~ one prayer ~ one thought

Google Photos Collection:







Oglala Sioux ban the Rapid City Journal

The Oglala Sioux Tribal Council has banned all sales of the Rapid City Journal on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation until the newspaper formally apologizes for an offensive headline published in…






Solar Heaters



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5 Ways The Government Keeps Native Americans In Poverty

As long as tribes are denied the right to control their own resources, they will remain locked in poverty and dependence.|By Capital Flows


Lakota People’s Law Project

Russell Means delivers a powerful speech on the state of emergency that exists on Indian reservations in South Dakota. The Lakota language is dying and the children are being taken from the people.

Please sign our petition to bring the Lakota children home so the culture can be sustained!

Okay! So what are some of the plans for Pine Ridge, that are on going or are in the working stage plans?




SEE this story in this week’s edition of Lakota Country Times!

'In less than 1 week's time 300 people have liked our page.  9 people have made a donation totaling $770, and more than 25 people have stepped up to say they want to help and participate in some way.  If each of the 300 could reach out to 3 friends and family, contribute some manageable amount as a donation, offer help in some way, we would have a TRUE Tiny House NATION.   Thank you for liking our page.  And thank you for ALL the ways you have offered support, encouragement, an offer to participate and for your donations.  Remember this is for the youth - to show them that people DO care and WILL do something to demonstrate that care. Share. Support. Donate. Help us build the Lakota Tiny House Nation.  Thank you.'

In less than 1 week’s time 300 people have liked our page. 9 people have made a donation totaling $770, and more than 25 people have stepped up to say they want to help and participate in some way. If each of the 300 could reach out to 3 friends and family, contribute some manageable amount as a donation, offer help in some way, we would have a TRUE Tiny House NATION. Thank you for liking our page. And thank you for ALL the ways you have offered support, encouragement, an offer to participate and for your donations. Remember this is for the youth – to show them that people DO care and WILL do something to demonstrate that care. Share. Support. Donate. Help us build the Lakota Tiny House Nation. Thank you.

Like 6453

People celebrate grand opening of Allen Youth Center for Lakota youth

People in Pine Ridge Reservation celebrated the grand opening of a youth center, a symbol of hope for the Lakota youth.|By KOTA

Pine Ridge reservation : Grow Permaculture

Our plans include three food forests at Pine Ridge this year, with three … the garden, this wild herd in full gallop across the range – purely because they feel like it. … As beautiful and intriguing the horses are, our biggest focus for this year was food sovereignty. …. Pine Ridge home building project – apprentices needed!

Pine Ridge Reservation Food Forest 2012 – Kickstarter…/pineridge-reservation-food-fo…


Koreen Brennan is raising funds for Pine Ridge Reservation Food Forest … two Permaculture Design Courses on the rez, supported natural building projects and … and they provide a wide range of healthy foods, some of which can be stored for … windbreak trees (which can make a big difference in yields at PIne Ridge) for …


Shared Visions: Pine Ridge – A Year Later Sharing the Dream

their goals for building homes and strengthening their tribal communities. The Tribe … the MOU is “A Strategic Plan for Implementation of the Pine Ridge Shared Visions. Housing ….. build upon Ms. Big Crow’s efforts and will design and build a 30,000 square foot ….. ball fields, a Pow Wow ground, and a golf driving range.


Colleges team up to build greenhouse on Pine Ridge … › Features › Home & Garden

Rapid City Journal

Oct 24, 2014 – Colleges team up to build greenhouse on Pine Ridge Reservation … solutions for the wide range of issues a northern prairie greenhouse would likely face. … By summer, plans were far enough along for the Green Team to … around reservations, and produce availability was a huge problem,” Paulsen said.


FeatherSpeak and Lakota Country Times shared a link.


Call for Native artists, makers and creators for the Third Annual Gathering of People, Wind and Water Native art market and cultural celebration in the heart of downtown Rapid City, South Dakota at Main Street Square.



Neighboring Tribe


Walk-about on our Sioux Indian Reservation
Published on Apr 30, 2012

Sy Spotted Tail and I take a walk around town. Rosebud, South Dakota.

Published on Apr 27, 2014

Indigenous hip hop artist Frank Waln performs on stage in front of thousands at the final day of action for the Reject and Protect gathering in Washington DC. Frank’s performance captures the spirit of the strength and resistance of the many Indigenous land defenders who will not allow pipelines or tar sands

Rebel Music: Native America | Frank Waln Performs “My Stone”

Official music video for “My Stone,” an original song by Rebel Music: Native America cast member Frank Waln.

Frank Waln Performs “My Stone”

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Earthship Biotecture

This would be so cool if these homes were built at Pine Ridge!

Would stay warm all Winter and cool in Summer!

Would have a built in water supply!

Green House Gardens for growing food year round for each home!

Solar and wind power built in for each home’s energy source!

Earthship Academy Classroom video


Roger Cultee shared The Master Shift’s video.

White Roots of Peace


The Master Shift

“The Ghost Of Earth Day Present” – A Master Shift Original

Be a part of the biggest grass-roots event in history by planting a tree on EARTH DAY, APRIL 22ND, 2015 as a “give back” to Earth. This event is being hosted by The Master Shift, Forest Nation, The White Feather Foundation and the Earth Day Network as well as thousands of contributing organizations from around the globe. Our goal is to plant one billion seeds/trees. Join the cause:

Film credits:
Directed by: Michael D. Stern –
Starring: John Mervini and Sicanni Tallan Purizaca
Music Credits: Dreaming of Love by Lights Resolve – Act Three by Jason Shaw – Babylon by J. Beal – (No Copyright Infringement Intended)

If you stumbled upon Ra Paulette’s cave


If you walked Into a cave in the side of a mountain, and saw this, what would you think?

If you stumbled upon Ra Paulette’s cave (yes his cave) deep in the heart of New Mexico, you might think you’ve discovered a cave hundreds of years old — used…|By David