The Long Ago Land Maps The Way It Was/ Up Date!

The Long Ago Land Maps of what is Now Called the USA, The Way It Was

 For that land in that area! Each Country is different.

Quotes: I have been to the end of the earth.


Nican Tlaca University of Cemanahuac: Civilizations – Learn Your History in 2 Minutes

Quick Fact : The Seminoles are the only North American Tribe that has never signed a Treaty with the United States .

On This Day: In 1817 Mikasuki (Miccosukee) Seminole under Chief Hornotlimed attacked a boat of soldiers on the Apalachicola River in northern Florida. The Seminole were responding to the massive attack the week before, which had destroyed their village and crops. Prior to the Army’s attack, the Mikasuki had been peaceful and friendly with the encroaching settlers. On this day the Mikasuki were successful in their counter attack, which is considered by many the start of the First Seminole Wars. Shortly after, Andrew Jackson invaded Florida with over 3,000 men where he indiscriminately attacked Seminole and Creek villages, burning them to the ground and killing men, women, and children. Despite this “First Seminole War”, which lasted from 1814-1819, and two other Seminole Wars (1835-1842 and 1855-1858), the Seminole people survived government efforts to eradicate them and continue to fight for their land and rights.



Adapted from: Gerlach, Arch C., The National Atlas of the United States of America, Washington, D.C.: U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Geological Survey, 1970; U.S. Dept. of Interior, Indian Lands in the United States, BIA Geographic Data Service Center, Dec, 1998.;Sturtevant, William C. Early Indian Tribes, Culture Areas, and Linguistic Stock, Smithsonian Instituion, Washington,D.C., 1967.; and Strutevant, William C. (Ed.) Handbook of North American Indian, Vol. 17, Languages, 1996. Ives Goddard, Vol. Ed.”



It’s getting cold in the Northern Plains again. Preparing for winter. Photo is of Wounded Knee Memorial Riders, when they finish their 2week journey at Wounded Knee grave site (not the site that guy keeps trying to capitalize on) then we start our 180 mile 3 day run to honor those that made it back to Takini, the survivors.



Images for Native American Tribe Maps of USA

  • An invasion is a military offensive consisting of all, or largepartsof the armed forces of one geopolitical entity aggressively entering territory……..












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On This Day: In 1850 the Donation Land Claim Act of 1850 (ch. 76, 9 Stat. 496, sometimes known as the Donation Land Act) was enacted. The statute enacted by the Congress of the United States intended to promote homestead settlement in the Oregon Territory in the Pacific Northwest (comprising the present-day states of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho), despite Native opposition and ownership of the land. The law, which is considered a forerunner of the later Homestead Act, brought thousands of settlers into the new territory, swelling the ranks of the emigrants on the Oregon Trail. 7,437 patents were issued under the law until its expiration on December 1, 1855, comprising more than 2,500,000 acres of land. All of the land “donated” was still under Native occupation and ownership – no treaties had been signed yet.

Indian Territory Oklahoma
In 1834, 70,000 Native Americans in over 20 tribes were forced to leave their land & relocate into Indian Territory, reserved by the US Government. Located west of the Mississippi River, much of Indian territory is in today’s Oklahoma. By 1907, the remaining Indian Territory became part of Oklahoma.

Our Authentic Texans!







Bmiwok copy


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Early Indian Tribes, Culture Areas, and Linguistic Stocks-This map was prepared by William Sturtevant of the Smithsonian Institution. It shows the geographic extent of many Indian tribes, their culture areas, and 18 Indian linguistic stocks, both in the conterminous 48 States and in Alaska. A short text and reference list are printed on the back. Use this map to teach and learn about analyzing and comparing Indian Tribal lands, culture areas, and their languages. This map is from the “National Atlas of the United States of America,” published by the U.S. Geological Survey. Map scale is 1:7,500,000 and measures 20″x28″.


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Without treaties non-Indigenous Canadians would be illegal occupants of the land we now share.

Click on picture

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See this plan lay out? This is their/ NWO last part of the plan to connect Canada, USA and Mexico with these Pipe lines!

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Idle No More LA California / AZ / Vancouver Island University / EDMONTON/ Breaking News: Harper has finally agreed to modernize and implement the ancient treaties that were always supposed to bring peace and prosperity to First Nations.


Canada News / First Nation Aboriginal / Idle No More!


RoundDance FlashMobs happening EVERYWHERE in support of your First Nations brothers and sisters


Borders Have No Place On Our Land


Paying A Yearly Tax To The Queen In Canada? The Canada News Made Me Wonder

December 25. 2012 From the Desk of Ann Little Running Deer

Clark says he is concerned Canada and its First Nations are headed in a dangerous direction.

Starting A New Year 2013 The Right Way/ By The People / For Mother Earths Little Children

I Am Sorry Folks I Can Not Be Silent About The Truth / The Elders Gathered in a Circle to Create a List of Intergenerational Impacts Resulting From Colonization

Theresa Spence Speaks out Ottawa Press Conference CBC NEWS January 11 2013

For The Children/ For Mother Earth/ For Support of Your First Nations

Buffy Sainte Marie Idle No More

Carlos TheZilla shared a link.

Idle No More Protest & Burma’s Kachin War, The Dark Parallel | Buffalohair Universe | Global News a

Red Moon Agency, Hammon Oklahoma

Idle No More Protest & Burma’s Kachin War, The Dark Parallel

kachin-2The ‘Idle No More’ phenomena has reached epic proportions in recent weeks as indigenous people from throughout the America’s have risen to support Chief Spence and her hunger strike against Canadian tyranny. Prime Minister Steve Harper inadvertently opened up a can of worms as he deliberately showed callous disregard for the People of the First Nation and it’s all about natural resources, tribal land and the corporate bottom line. The very same thing is happening to the Kachin (Jinghpaw) People of Kachin State Burma and if you connect the dots they are directly related to one another. more

 The Once Prison camps

After the completed Invasion

Showing Pride in their  getting rid of all the wild Buffalo Herds

Then they gave the tribes white flour and lard to eat instead and taught them how to make the poor white mans dish for campfire cooking called

fry bread


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