A huge Art Gallery is in the works!…….

A huge Art Gallery is in the works!…….

523763_4635878825437_1487222274_n Buffalohair -Jage Universe 7 http://buffalohair-jageuniverse7.weebly.com/ A huge Art Gallery is in the works! Yes, Buffalohair is busy making a huge Gallery for artists to rent spaces for showing and selling their works of Art to the World!

On two large city blocks which will be named after the ….. Legendary Burmese Activist/Artist Sitt Nyein Aye!
Where he will also have his own, First Class Gallery!

Yes, every thing will be First Class when Buffalohair is done creating his own work of art with this Gallery !




Trinidad Colorado. Visiting A Cultural Oasis


















Buffalohair-Jage Ann’s Journals Collection 2 Welcome






Official Blogs Name Changes / Buffalohair – Jage Ann’s Journals Collection 2

Official Blogs Name Changes Buffalohair – Jage Universe 7

Seemingly useful info Gardening







Grow a Complexion Garden


Mother Earth Living Natural Beauty
Personal Care Products Grow a Complexion Garden Whether you have a pot full of fresh herbs or a whole yard full of produce, green plants are beneficial to your well-being. Expand your plantings with a healthy complexion garden. This collection of plants can be used to create bath and body products.

Give your complexion a boost with this collection of plants.

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Toothpaste and Toothbrush

Gardener’s Hand Salve

After digging around in the garden, soothe cracked, dry hands with this salve.

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Ladies Running on Beach

Cucumber Splash

Lift spirits and tone skin with this natural, cooling and soothing cucumber astringent.

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Oils and Flowers

Pineapple Sage Mask

Pineapple sage adds a fresh and uplifting scent to this complexion-boosting mask.

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Lady Smiling

3 Flowers for Skin Care

These three flowers are great skin-healing aids. Use them to whip up body products.

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Subscribe to Utne Reader! You Might Just Have the Cure for Dark Circles in Your Garden Don’t let your dermatologist convince you the only solution for dark circles is some fancy chemical based cream the solution is likely in your backyard garden and trust me it works without all those nasty chemicals.

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Another Group Looking For Green Answers / How We Are Drawn To Answers By Law Of Attraction

The June issue of The Science Behind Law of Attraction Magazine features articles written by Kimberly and Foster. Both articles dive into our individual perspectives regarding the power of aligning grounded and unconflicted action with clear intentions to bring about true change.

We invite you to have a look.



Toward a thriving world,

Kimberly, Foster and The THRIVE Team 




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A Pregnant Onion? What?? Ray’s Voodoo Garden

10 Ways to Grow in a Shaded Garden

Mother Earth Living

Do you think your yard receives too little sun to grow a productive garden? Think again with these 10 ideas.

salad-greens jpg

10 Ways to Grow a Shade Gardensalad-greens jpg

Grow a productive shade garden with the right plants and a few tricks.