Jillian Michaels Australia. I only have one show left last challenge

Australia, I only have one show left so this is my last challenge and it’s the hardest of all. You’ll have to be needy, which I know is terrifying, but finding vulnerability is finding your true strength and power.

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Year-Round Mulching As Nature Does It

Year-Round Mulching

Busy begrudgingly raking leaves? Blogger Mary Lou Shaw suggests Mother Nature actually has a plan in laying down her leafy blanket before winter: http://trib.al/pKSr5uv.

Year-Round Mulching

Busy begrudgingly raking leaves? Blogger Mary Lou Shaw suggests Mother Nature actually has a plan in laying down her leafy blanket before winter



All About Tea Tree Oil



Personal Care Products

All About Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is great to always have on hand. A strong antifungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, tea tree oil is a common ingredient in an array of skin- and body-care products, alleviating skin conditions such as dandruff, athlete’s foot and acne.

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11 Household Uses for Tea Tree

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Natural Remedies for Dandruff

This tea tree oil recipe will help fight dandruff, along with other dandruff-free tips.

Weebly Photography?

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Businesses With GMO Monsanto



People Standing for Justice / part 2

Discussion on Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take?

People Standing for Justice


J. Ann Gilman E. 6 months ago

I am noticing trouble / changes at the top.

The fake Queen of England may go to jail, no not kidding about fake queen! Tony Robinsons’ documentary tracing the family history of our royals has established that our queen is NOT the rightful heir to the throne of England – nor is ANYONE within her family. An out of wed lock son King Edward IV, can not be King, it is a No No! The crown should have gone to his younger brother George, the Duke of Clarence, who was a direct ancestor of modern-day Mike Hastings.That was on TV and in the News Papers in Europe when Mike Hastings Died. Royal Roundup: ‘The Man Who Should Be King‘ Dies in Australia … Moved there when he was 17 years old. So now that title has past on to his Son . Mike Hastings said he did not desire the job as King but the queen owes rent for using his buildings for the last 500 years:) Mike Hastings himself was the 14th Earl of Loudon. He knew of his aristocratic background his entire life – wearing it lightly on his sleeve. And by all accounts, including his own, he was happier being just plain Mike rather than His Majesty.He told journalists that he thought being a royal “would be a terrible way to live. They can’t even pick their noses without someone writing
about them.” “I’m quite happy in Jerilderie,” he said, according to the Telegraph. “There’s no pressure, everybody knows everybody and the people are friendly.” And it doesn’t seem as though his eldest child is looking to become King Simon I, either.

The fake queen has also been served! Today queen Elizabeth and UK Prime Minister David Cameron were issued arrest warrants. The two were charged with sexual crimes. It is all over England’s News Sources ! On Feb. 25 2013 six judges on Brussels international court found queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip, Catholic Pope Joseph Ratzinger and 37 other elites guilty of Crimes Against Humanity. An arrest warrant was served on Ratzinger, who immediately resigned from office.” Following paedophile arrest warrant, ordered by former Royal Military Policeman, Matt Taylor.The queen has granted herself (and her family) anew right of absolutely secrecy unsurpassed in British history, in an attempt to cover up paedophile claims and arrest warrants. (Its worthy of note: Last week British citizen David Compan was twice arrested without charges, accosted and drugged, as was his wife. He remained incarcerated for at least a month in the London Park Royal Mental Health Centre, until pressure from the public secured his release.) They have already started the Court hearings This April 2014. The Catholic Bishops have been trying to stop them! One witness was already murdered, so they have been keeping every one in hiding.There is even a You Tube tape about this matter also. Kevin Annett: Genocide affirms Republic of Kanata; Vatican’s coverup of genocide now public. ITCCS.ORG and The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State is printing the Court hearings. The Ninth Circle  Satanic Cult of royals, in these cult killings of children.

They are fighting among themselves the Elite and Bilderbergers. People are dying for knowing too much! Bankers are dying, jumping? being shot! Yes, at the very top of the Elite, who really fear all of us, are fighting with all they have to save their Global plans and their Necks!

Why Are Banking Executives In London Killing Themselves? Louise? Comment: First about 20 suicides, then a Dutch banker and family, then a Liechtenstein banker and now a Belgian banker and his family – if I were a banker I would start spilling the beans now, and risk prison – rather than wait for the cleansing of the possible canaries

BNP Banker, His Wife And Nephew Murdered In Belgium | Zero Hedgewww.zerohedge.com In the beginning it was banker suicides. Then about two weeks ago, suicides were replaced by outright murders after the execution-style killing of the CEO of a bank in otherwise sleepy (and tax evasive).

WORLD BANK also WANTS WATER PRIVATIZED, DESPITE RISKS | News story just in:( In the run-up to its annual spring meeting this month, the World Bank Group, which offers loans, advice and other resources to developing countries, held four days of dialogues in Washington, D.C. Civil society groups from around the world and World Bank Group staff convened to discuss many topics. Water was high on the list.

Yes, there is Hope, as the Walls are crumbling down!



Debunking Debunkers

Discussion on Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take?

Debunking Debunkers

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    J. Ann Gilman E. 2 months ago

    Ah yes, my friends and I were saying, if some off spring of the older New World Order leaders. Based on Certain Royal family Blood lines, not about how much money someone has. If they turned around from all their parents craziness of self destruction of the earth, just to have Control and Power plus their own private Island planet and asked for our help in survival? Hey, many things could go wrong while they are fooling with Mother Earth and the weather! We would help them…… Against my better judgement, as it is hard for me to forget what their families have done to mankind 😦 Yes, Sorry but I would also watch my back while helping them:) Forgive but not forget!

SPIRITUALITY — The Direct Experience

Discussion on Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take?

SPIRITUALITY — The Direct Experience

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    J. Ann Gilman E. 2 months ago

    My connection to spiritual help has been from experiences I have had. A very big one in my life was when I was eight years old. My mind had blanked it and real life out for almost a year when an Elder of the Crazy Horse family, brought me back to this reality. I was in a black void:( Yes,They would baby sit me on a chair in a center of a room as they went about doing home activities. But this very old Elder sat in a chair against the wall facing me that day holding my hands . I awoke out of my darkness, seeing him sitting there looking at me, for the first time in my life we met face to face. It was still a lot of years before that lost part of my life came back to me, it was so painful.

    The last thing I had remembered before going into darkness , was walking down a dirt road on the way to a country school house and Eddie walking beside me asking, “Did you really have to go without supper after you were whipped, for going off the path …. to get us back safely to the trail?’ No , I never remember arriving at the school that day ……

    Taken from my true stories ” A Gift Of White Lillies” by J. Ann Gilman E. 2003

    In slow motion I saw Eddie, Rob and Sandy watching me, as I fell out of
    sight into a dark hole. Down, down I went my dress ballooned around me,
    the flowers in my arms. I hit the water; went under and bobbed up, oh it
    was so cold. I started treading and kicking out to the sides hoping I
    could walk up the walls with my back braced against one side. Nothing,
    it was like a dark cave, oh what was I to do, I heard Sandy barking, Rob
    screaming for Eddie. So I joined in yelling help, help, help! Then go
    get my dad, go get me someone, please! Sandy stopped barking but I still
    heard Rob.I looked to the top at the sky. Being so
    deep under ground I could only see the stars in the dark sky! Then I
    thought of the older women who told me my mother was up in the sky in
    heaven and she was watching me and she would always help me. Well, this
    is a good time to find out, please help me. Over and over I called,
    tears running down my face.

    I was getting tired from kicking my legs and then I saw something
    hanging above me I kicked and stretched my arm up and caught it. Ouch
    thorns, it was a little wild black berry vine that grew in that area! I
    gripped it and then kicked and got my other hand above the first and did
    hand over hand. The top was getting closer and closer I could feel dirt
    falling on me it had a musty smell. Finally I was at the top! I swung
    my leg to try and get it over the edge but the earth kept giving way, so
    I kept doing hand over hand until I was lying on top. I wiggled safely
    away from the edge and sat up, just then the vine came loose from the
    soft earth and moss.

    It had a tiny short root, I felt in the earth trying to find more of
    it but there was nothing. I started sobbing and looked up into the sky
    and said thank you. (I loved wild black berries after that.) After
    having a good cry I got up and walk across the field to little Robbie
    and took his hand. ‘Lets go home Robbie it is okay now!’ As we walked
    down the old dirt road Sandy was on her way up the hill. She stopped,
    looked, barked and started running, she was all over me licking my dirty
    face talking to me as I knelt to hug her, and oh she was happy! She
    skipped ahead of us or maybe that was a dance? Dad said she kept coming
    and barking at him, as he raked leaves and talked with Eddie who had
    said nothing of what happened and Sandy was going back up the road
    turning to look at dad. But he did not know what was wrong with her!
    Sandy had gone for help, trying to save my life! Sandy was very loyal
    to me and I loved her very much. She was a long haired Hines mix but
    still a great dog for an 8- year-old………..

    After a beating with a metal belt buckle and no supper. I would have
    been beaten even if I had not saved Robbie anyway. What ever friends did
    on my watch, I was blamed for it that’s why I went off the road after
    them! With no thought of Eddie leading us straight to the lost abandoned
    water well we all were warned about. “Stay on the path! Never leave the path or old road!”

    The next day after so many visits to hear my story with hugs and
    smiles everyone so happy I was alive. My dad coldly watched me smile
    back at the adults, thanking them. He was so angry! Dad then wanted me
    to show him the well. My dad drowned Sandy in front of me in that well
    as I screamed “No Stop it was not her fault!” just because I went off
    the road to save Robbie and our being trapped by dead cedar branches
    points catching our clothes, they were covered in dirt in a half ring
    around the well, we could not return the way we crawled into the trap,
    the only way out was over the hole in the ground that we saw Eddie jump
    over. I threw Robbie over to safety but when I did my short space of a
    run and jump, my foot landed on the soft soil at the edge on the other
    side and it caved away as I fell into the well. I was a tiny thin girl
    but the soil was just too soft there.

    All the Lilies had helped me float but ended up surrounding Sandy in
    her watery grave. The gift of White Lilies from Eddie for his Mom, he
    really had gathered for us, if I had only known I would not have lost my
    friend Sandy. Good-bye Sandy, know you were loved and I miss you.

People Standing for Justice



Discussion on Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take?

People Standing for Justice

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    J. Ann Gilman E. 6 months ago

    So much information is breaking out of the shadows that will help people realize that what they were taught in school were lies upon lies of untruths. I realize all of us are at different levels in learning or discovering these different hush hush history points. One that seems to be a hard pill to take, is Washington DC is not what is seems for those so deep in politics! They think is happening now slowly but really it happened in 1871! Two Constitutions In The United States The 1st Version Was Suspended In Favor Of A Vatican Corporation In 1871 .The US Is A Corporation ! Reconstruction Era Act Forms Corporate Government Press Core.ca – 092911. It is hard on our mind and system to wake up to all of this but the more people wake up the more changes can be make to the good ! When the Top Elite realize they have been found out is when they become more fearful and make mistakes! The ones lower on the The Elite ladder ,who did not know any of this either, get shaky and start falling apart. The awakened get braver and come together getting stronger and wiser! Now with a voice and suddenly a know how in dealing with all these lies we have been told. We are not going to take it any more! We find ways in protecting our selves from all their poisons in our air, water and foods. What plants will clean our air in our homes and business. What food to green house or indoor grow – that will help protect our body from these poisons. Yes , I see hope, I see a change. I will not get on their buses or trains for a ride to a Agenda 21 FEMA Camp for their so called protection. I also feel Mother Earth is also on our side and will add her voice soon, as she is able to survive with out man . She does not need these Elite to control her or her weather. She is able to Heal by herself. She is not going to let them Rule over her! No Way! Have Hope for better days!  I am just one voice crying out in this wilderness, saying hang on we can make it!

How to Create A Healthy Non-Toxic Bedroom | Wake Up World

Many of us understand the importance of consuming organic foods and making detoxification a regular part of our health routine. Creating a healthy home environment is also part of the detoxification/clean living process. But what about your bedroom? After all we do spend one third of our lives sleeping, yet often times this is the room that is neglected.

By Guest Writer Alisha McFarla

How to Create A Healthy Non-Toxic Bedroom | Wake Up World

Many of us understand the importance of consuming organic foods and making detoxification a regular part of our health routine. Creating a healthy home