Tears Of Joy! :) A Prayer With An Answer! Thank You!

We All Just Prayed For The Camps In ND Didn’t We, For Their Protection! Wow! That is one of those fast answers in prayer! Thank You! Now Tears Of Joy! Jage.


John Longbow shared a link.

Post Carbon Institute

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The Federal Government just stepped in to halt pipeline construction in North Dakota amidst Standing Rock Sioux tribe opposition.

Joint Statement from the Department of Justice, the Department of the Army and the Department of the Interior Regarding Standing Rock Sioux Tribe v. U.S.…


Government Steps In After Judge Denies Tribe’s Request to Stop Pipeline

A federal judge denied a Native American tribe’s request to temporarily block construction of the four-state Dakota Access oil pipeline, which has sparked…

abcnews.go.com|By ABC News

Obama administration orders ND pipeline construction to stop

The order came after a federal judge denied a legal request from the Standing Rock Sioux.


The Obama administration just made a major announcement on the Dakota Access Pipeline

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) has announced it will be temporarily halting construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline effective immediately.


Native Coalition

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#NoDapl #WaterIsLife

Obama steps in with major action halting Dakota Access Pipeline

Shortly after a negative court ruling sent shock waves throughout Indian Country, the Obama administration broke its silence.


ONE Spirit’s photo.

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ONE Spirit

Great Big Wopila to the Earth and Water Protectors! Prayers Up! #NODAPL


Another Group Looking For Green Answers / How We Are Drawn To Answers By Law Of Attraction

The June issue of The Science Behind Law of Attraction Magazine features articles written by Kimberly and Foster. Both articles dive into our individual perspectives regarding the power of aligning grounded and unconflicted action with clear intentions to bring about true change.

We invite you to have a look.



Toward a thriving world,

Kimberly, Foster and The THRIVE Team 




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Part of Nature – Green Renaissance


Sunscreen Savvy: Buy It / DIY It


Mother Earth Living Natural Beauty
Personal Care Products

Sunscreen Savvy: Buy It, DIY It

Protect your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays, as well as toxic chemicals, by increasing your sunscreen smarts. Learn which ingredients to avoid, which ingredients to look for instead, and discover a simple recipe for homemade sunscreen.

Get your facts straight about sunscreen.

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Toothpaste and Toothbrush

3 DIY Remedies for Sunburns

Soothe burned skin with a DIY yogurt mask, lavender bath and aloe mist.

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Ladies Running on Beach

Homemade Sunscreen Cream

Chamomile, calendula and lavender work to gently protect skin from the sun.

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Oils and Flowers

5 Sunscreen Dangers

Conventional sunscreens aren’t as effective—or safe—as you might think.

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Lady Smiling

Sun Lip Balm Recipe

Soothe and protect lips from sun damage with this recipe for a SPF 7 lip balm.

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  Healthy Holistic

Holistic Vet Recommended Homemade Flea Powder

Do you know what is in store bought flea control products? Pesticides and new studies show that ingredients in the spot- on preparations have been linked to serious health effects both in laboratory animals and in pets. Ditch the toxic chemical repellents and kill fleas and other insects naturally with this homemade flea powder!

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Day by day the price of the solar panel falls gradually.But still installation of a complete off grid solar system is costly.So I write this instructa…


RE: Local Communities Dismantling Corporate Rule / part 1





Published on Feb 12, 2014

Community Rights educator Paul Cienfuegos explains how “We The People” are exercising the authority to govern ourselves and dismantle corporate rule. When small farmers in rural Pennsylvania wanted to say “no” to a corporate factory farm coming into their community, they learned they couldn’t, because it would violate the corporation’s “rights” and state pre-emption laws. So they did something technically illegal – their town passed an innovative ordinance banning corporate factory farming. It worked! The corporation left town. Pittsburgh upshifted the approach: Rather than define what we don’t want, define what we DO want. Their “Right to Water” stopped natural gas fracking in the city. Ordinances like this have been passed in over 150 communities in 9 states. Tune in to learn how this works. Episode 258. [paulcienfuegos.com, celdf.org, YouTube channel “Community Rights TV” and communityrightspdx.org]

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Open Source / Energy / Sovereign New Communities with DIY Energy Solutions

Open Source / Sovereign New Communities with DIY Energy Solutions

Sat, 21 Feb 2015 08:00:00 PST

How to make new energy “batteries” that can run the lights, and open source designs for truly sovereign communities — We had an enlivening ThriveTogether Event discussing it all. New intentional communities are where the rubber meets the road with regard to food, energy, education, currency, conflict resolution, security, sovereignty and more.

Here are some excerpts with our special guests to give you a feel for the level of brilliant ingenuity and heartfelt care that people creating intentional communities are making available for everyone.

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Free of any political agenda, and committed to engaging the most pressing conversations, ThriveTogether leads us through the quagmire of input overload into clearly focused strategies for manifesting bold and meaningful solutions.

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Something New for Thrive /Launching ThriveTogether!

Launching ThriveTogether!

Launching ThriveTogether

We are thrilled to announce our new initiative:


Guide to Natural Skin Care


Guide to Natural Skin Care

Get naturally radiant skin without the chemical soup. In this guide, we map out the simple basics for natural radiance, as well as offer natural skin-care solutions for battling wrinkles, under-eye circles and acne.

Support healthy, fresh-looking skin—no harsh ingredients required.


Oatmeal Facial Cleanser

Oatmeal is a mild and soothing cleanser well-suited for sensitive skin.

Pomegranate Toner

Regenerate skin cells with this antioxidant-rich pomegranate toner.

Oils and Flowers

Moisturizing Cream

This sweet-scented product uses calendula, chamomile and rose geranium oils.

Fresh Face Solutions

For a healthy complexion, check out these five editor-recommended products.