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Basics of Meyer Lemon Growing

Meyer lemon tree care includes finding the right location for your tree. Whether grown in a container or planted in the ground, Meyer lemon growing requires at least six hours of sunlight. In the hottest summer areas, morning sun and afternoon shade is best for growing Meyer lemons.

Start with a healthy tree, grafted onto a hardy rootstock. Seed grown trees are often unhealthy and may not reach the point of flowering or producing fruit.

Soil conditions when growing these lemons should be well-draining; however, the soil must hold enough water to remain moist. Allow soil to dry out only slightly between waterings.

Fertilize regularly when growing Meyer lemons. A high nitrogen fertilizer, such as one designed for citrus trees, is best fed monthly between April and September. Withhold fertilizer during autumn and winter months. Yellowing leaves indicate the need for either water or fertilizer.

Prune lemon fruit clusters to one or two fruits when the little lemons are marble sized. Pruning before fruit develops, removing all but one bud in a cluster, is also an effective way to grow larger lemons.




How To Grow Bonsai Trees



Blueberries Growing Guide


Blueberries Growing Guideblueberries-1100

Varieties + Soil The first key to success is to pick the right variety for your climate and to give it company. Blueberries produce more and bigger fruit when planted with at least one other variety to allow for cross-pollination. Planting multiple varieties with…

10 Ways to Grow in a Shaded Garden

Mother Earth Living

Do you think your yard receives too little sun to grow a productive garden? Think again with these 10 ideas.

salad-greens jpg

10 Ways to Grow a Shade Gardensalad-greens jpg

Grow a productive shade garden with the right plants and a few tricks.

DIY: Build your own solar powered generator

DIY: Build your own solar powered generator

Did you know that by aquiring the right pieces, you can simply put together a solar powered battery that can charge appliances and run your electronics for hours? It’s not as complex as it seems; there are four main pieces that are easily…

Buffalohair: Legendary Burmese Activist/Artist Sitt Nyein Aye Appears in Trinidad/ Colorado Art Gallery

At L & L Fine Art Gallery located in the budding Art Colony called Trinidad Colorado an artist busily prepares his paints, sketches and a massive canvas stretching 1.95 meters X 5.49 meters. What started out as a simple project to design and paint a Thingyan Festival poster for a Buddhist Monastery turned into quite an eye pleasing event for the discerning art aficionado. Folks were fortunate to find the reclusive Sitt Nyein Aye in his element creating with brush in hand.

Since the project was so big it was fortunate gallery owner Lucky Murphy more than happy to accommodate Sitt with a well lit and secure location where he could paint this giant poster. The Thingyan Celebration and Water Festival was going to begin on April 18 in Austin Texas so Sitt had little time to spare and it was already April 10th. Within 2 full days and part of the 3rd day Sitt completed this enormous poster, from a raw roll of canvas to a completed work of art.

See the evolution of the poster on this video provided;

As mesmerized onlookers watched in awe, he performed his magic and transformed this blank roll of canvas stroke by colorful stroke. Little did anyone know he was an accomplished artist whose works hanging in museums, galleries and personal collections around the world but it was clear he was ‘The Real Deal’. His journey to this humble art community was not just a matter of moving from Texas to Colorado it was an epic journey for Sitt was also a political exile from his homeland of Burma.

His escape from the clutches of the military dictatorship was nothing short of a miracle for he and his friend escaped with just the cloths on their backs in 1988 when Burma was in transition, from one military dictatorship to another. Sitt was not only an accomplished and renowned artist, he was a restaurateur, and a journalist who’s newspapers sold throughout the South Asian region. He was also a political activist who was very critical of the previous military regimes who ruled Burma with an Iron fist.

With a new dictator coming into power, General Than Shwe, Sitt was targeted for torture and death. He was on the hit list of ‘Intellectuals’ that posed a political threat to the new military dictatorship. Sitt escaped with the cloths on his back leaving behind a popular newspaper, restaurants, home and his beloved gallery/studio. He lived in the jungle with other pro democracy activists and jungle fighters for three years before finding asylum in India. The tale of survival and being hunted by the military is an epic tale unto itself.

He spent 16 years in India where his artistic prowess was utilized by the government in a multitude of ways, from travel brochures, booklets, maps to painting larger than life portraits of the royal families that still hang in the royal grounds of India to this day. His love of Burma was unsurpassed and though he was a wanted man within his homeland he continued to support the democracy movement by painting and selling his works to finance organizations both within Burma and abroad.

His works always commanded high prices at gallery auctions and all the proceeds went to his comrades while not keeping a cent to himself. There are so many layers to Sitt Nyein Aye for he was recognized as a child prodigy when he was very young. His list of achievements over the years are endless. As for his successful businesses, newspaper and other things he left behind, it was not a big thing to loose his possessions. Sitt faced rags to riches on more than one occasion in Burma’s turbulent history but loosing his mother while in exile was the only thing he looked back on with great sadness.

I watched as a local newspaper reporter and Sitt discussed the arts but I knew what lay between the lines, the hardships, sorrows and joy Sitt experienced in his epic tale surviving insurmountable odds. Now here was Sitt smiling and laughing with fellow artists and a newsman chatting about this poster and I said to myself, “If only they knew the saga of this Burmese Pro Democracy Icon and the numerous accomplishments and sacrifices he made for Burma and his people, if only they knew”.

Sitt is one of the hallowed ‘Old Guard’ of Burma’s Democracy Movement, long before Daw Aung San Suu Kyi entered the arena and he continues to be an activist and proponent of freedom and civil society. Maybe one day real democracy will come to Burma, not this photo-op democracy made for the western media and tourists dollar. Sitt’s only wish would come true and maybe we can enjoying a spot of tea in the shadow of the Dhammayangji Temple in his place of birth Bagan, once Burma is truly free.

Your Devil’s Advocate



Big Short or Long Range Building Plans at Pine Ridge?

Remember to tell your children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren this EVERY SINGLE DAY       That you love them!

FeatherSpeak via Wikoskalaka Yuwita Pi – Lakota Gathering of Young Women


shared MTV‘s video.
MTV uploaded a new video.

Inspired by MTV‘s Rebel Music: Native America premiere? Meet more Indigenous youth whose plans to make a difference brought them to The White House.



Tanka Bar – Kyle, SD – Food & Grocery, Corporate Office …

Tanka Bar, Kyle, SD. 10637 likes · 340 talking about this · 75 were here. BE TANKA! LIVE LIFE POWERFULLY! Visit our store locator:…


Photo: Oglala Sioux riders

In the Shadow of Wounded Knee

After 150 years of broken promises, the Oglala Lakota people of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota are nurturing their tribal customs, language, and beliefs. A rare, intimate portrait shows their resilience in the face of hardship.



Oglala Lakota Women and Buffalo


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Deer Parks


Here’s a mythbuster… A different and alien [to the eastern hemisphere] tradition of animal husbandry: what early European settlers were unable to realize.

“Rather than domesticate animals for meat, Indians retooled ecosystems to encourage elk, deer, and bear. Constant burning of undergrowth increased the numbers of herbivores, the predators that fed upon them, and the people who ate them both. Rather than the thick, unbroken monumental snarl of trees imagined by Thoreau, the great eastern forest was an ecological kaleidoscope of garden plots, blackberry rambles, pine barrens, and spacious groves of chestnut, hickory, and oak… Incredible to imagine today, bison occurred from New York to Georgia. A creature of the prairie, Bison bison was imported to the East by Native Americans along a path of indigenous fire, as they changed enough forest into fallows for it to survive far outside its original range. When the Haudenosaunee hunted these animals, the historian William Cronon observed, they

‘were harvesting a foodstuff which they had consciously been instrumental in creating. Few English observers could have realized this. People accustomed to keeping domesticated animals lacked the conceptual tools to recognize that the Indians were practicing a more distant kind of husbandry of their own.’

… Carrying their flints and torches, Native Americans were living in balance with Nature—but they had their thumbs on the scale. Shaped for their comfort and convenience, the American landscape had come to fit their lives like comfortable clothing. It was a highly successful and stable system, if “stable” is the appropriate word for a regime that involves routinely enshrouding miles of countryside in smoke and ash…” – Charles Mann, “1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus”

Their original range stretched from California to the Atlantic and from northern Mexico to Canada. Just imagine 60 million head of bison (an actual estimate for around 1500, btw) grazing around North America, on artificial prairies created by Native Americans through controlled burnings—basically a patchwork of huge hunting parks. It makes the ranches of the west look like child’s play. Steak, anyone?

  • I always had this dream for Pine Ridge but not the money to do it:( To build a huge beautiful Mall Center for the Children there. As an Entrance park area into their town! With a healing prayer Totem for all the children, like they made The Children’s Sculpture that is on display at the world headquarters plaza of Levi Strauss in San Francisco.

    Jag Ensing's photo.

    Bluebird Woman Elayna Reyna of the San Juan Bautista American Indian Council puts her own healing energy into the Children’s Sculpture.

    Jag Ensing's photo.

Lakota Koskalaka Wica Yuwita Pi – Lakota Young Men’s Gathering uploaded a new video.

It has begun! Youth Healing Camp 2015! My 11 year old son, Wahacanka Wakangli, is wrapping the poles.

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We have a few more to put up but things are going well

Oyate Wahacanka Woecun's photo.
Oyate Wahacanka Woecun's photo.
Oyate Wahacanka Woecun's photo.
Oyate Wahacanka Woecun's photo.

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Wopila Tanka for all those who came and shared our special day. It was a time for reflection and to look towards the future.
We were told, Sicangu Iyuksa Wicoti Namniya sniyo
(Not to scatter, don’t scatter- do not do this: when one leaves a group, he leaves “it” unfinished).
We continue our prayers, and will remain Shielding the People
One heart ~ one mind ~ one prayer ~ one thought

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Oglala Sioux ban the Rapid City Journal

The Oglala Sioux Tribal Council has banned all sales of the Rapid City Journal on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation until the newspaper formally apologizes for an offensive headline published in…






Solar Heaters



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5 Ways The Government Keeps Native Americans In Poverty

As long as tribes are denied the right to control their own resources, they will remain locked in poverty and dependence.|By Capital Flows


Lakota People’s Law Project

Russell Means delivers a powerful speech on the state of emergency that exists on Indian reservations in South Dakota. The Lakota language is dying and the children are being taken from the people.

Please sign our petition to bring the Lakota children home so the culture can be sustained!

Okay! So what are some of the plans for Pine Ridge, that are on going or are in the working stage plans?




SEE this story in this week’s edition of Lakota Country Times!

'In less than 1 week's time 300 people have liked our page.  9 people have made a donation totaling $770, and more than 25 people have stepped up to say they want to help and participate in some way.  If each of the 300 could reach out to 3 friends and family, contribute some manageable amount as a donation, offer help in some way, we would have a TRUE Tiny House NATION.   Thank you for liking our page.  And thank you for ALL the ways you have offered support, encouragement, an offer to participate and for your donations.  Remember this is for the youth - to show them that people DO care and WILL do something to demonstrate that care. Share. Support. Donate. Help us build the Lakota Tiny House Nation.  Thank you.'

In less than 1 week’s time 300 people have liked our page. 9 people have made a donation totaling $770, and more than 25 people have stepped up to say they want to help and participate in some way. If each of the 300 could reach out to 3 friends and family, contribute some manageable amount as a donation, offer help in some way, we would have a TRUE Tiny House NATION. Thank you for liking our page. And thank you for ALL the ways you have offered support, encouragement, an offer to participate and for your donations. Remember this is for the youth – to show them that people DO care and WILL do something to demonstrate that care. Share. Support. Donate. Help us build the Lakota Tiny House Nation. Thank you.

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People celebrate grand opening of Allen Youth Center for Lakota youth

People in Pine Ridge Reservation celebrated the grand opening of a youth center, a symbol of hope for the Lakota youth.|By KOTA

Pine Ridge reservation : Grow Permaculture

Our plans include three food forests at Pine Ridge this year, with three … the garden, this wild herd in full gallop across the range – purely because they feel like it. … As beautiful and intriguing the horses are, our biggest focus for this year was food sovereignty. …. Pine Ridge home building project – apprentices needed!

Pine Ridge Reservation Food Forest 2012 – Kickstarter…/pineridge-reservation-food-fo…


Koreen Brennan is raising funds for Pine Ridge Reservation Food Forest … two Permaculture Design Courses on the rez, supported natural building projects and … and they provide a wide range of healthy foods, some of which can be stored for … windbreak trees (which can make a big difference in yields at PIne Ridge) for …


Shared Visions: Pine Ridge – A Year Later Sharing the Dream

their goals for building homes and strengthening their tribal communities. The Tribe … the MOU is “A Strategic Plan for Implementation of the Pine Ridge Shared Visions. Housing ….. build upon Ms. Big Crow’s efforts and will design and build a 30,000 square foot ….. ball fields, a Pow Wow ground, and a golf driving range.


Colleges team up to build greenhouse on Pine Ridge … › Features › Home & Garden

Rapid City Journal

Oct 24, 2014 – Colleges team up to build greenhouse on Pine Ridge Reservation … solutions for the wide range of issues a northern prairie greenhouse would likely face. … By summer, plans were far enough along for the Green Team to … around reservations, and produce availability was a huge problem,” Paulsen said.


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Call for Native artists, makers and creators for the Third Annual Gathering of People, Wind and Water Native art market and cultural celebration in the heart of downtown Rapid City, South Dakota at Main Street Square.



Neighboring Tribe


Walk-about on our Sioux Indian Reservation
Published on Apr 30, 2012

Sy Spotted Tail and I take a walk around town. Rosebud, South Dakota.

Published on Apr 27, 2014

Indigenous hip hop artist Frank Waln performs on stage in front of thousands at the final day of action for the Reject and Protect gathering in Washington DC. Frank’s performance captures the spirit of the strength and resistance of the many Indigenous land defenders who will not allow pipelines or tar sands

Rebel Music: Native America | Frank Waln Performs “My Stone”

Official music video for “My Stone,” an original song by Rebel Music: Native America cast member Frank Waln.

Frank Waln Performs “My Stone”

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Earthship Biotecture

This would be so cool if these homes were built at Pine Ridge!

Would stay warm all Winter and cool in Summer!

Would have a built in water supply!

Green House Gardens for growing food year round for each home!

Solar and wind power built in for each home’s energy source!

Earthship Academy Classroom video


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White Roots of Peace


The Master Shift

“The Ghost Of Earth Day Present” – A Master Shift Original

Be a part of the biggest grass-roots event in history by planting a tree on EARTH DAY, APRIL 22ND, 2015 as a “give back” to Earth. This event is being hosted by The Master Shift, Forest Nation, The White Feather Foundation and the Earth Day Network as well as thousands of contributing organizations from around the globe. Our goal is to plant one billion seeds/trees. Join the cause:

Film credits:
Directed by: Michael D. Stern –
Starring: John Mervini and Sicanni Tallan Purizaca
Music Credits: Dreaming of Love by Lights Resolve – Act Three by Jason Shaw – Babylon by J. Beal – (No Copyright Infringement Intended)

Beginning Beekeeping: Installing Two Nuc (Starter) Hives Blake Kirby

Indoor growing at it’s BEST!

Killer Storms / Compost / Fencing / Praxxus55712