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The Global Water Crisis


Humanities Alluring  Wang Ping

The global water crisis has grown to such a degree millions of people will face death within a few short months. In some regions people resorted to gathering mud simply for a drink of this precious fluid. Now  drinking water costs approximately $9 a gallon as compared to gasoline at 2 buck a gallon. Speculators will surely exploit this crisis since their moto is “Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste” 


Communities around the world are suffering and people have already begun to die. What we’ve taken for granted for so many years will soon become a commodity that most impoverished people will not be able to afford. They will die along with their raspy whispered pleads for a simple drink of cool fresh water. Out of sight and out of mind, they will die simply from the lack of concern for their caste.

The world is looking for a political & corporate solution, casting blame, passing bills and legislation over this crisis, a day late and a dollar short. For this was old news many years ago when people used real pencils. We should have already addressed the pending environmental crisis and moved to save massive populations that face extinction, and it happened many times before in earths history.

Regardless of the true root cause of this catastrophe contingency plans should already been written and alternative solutions explored and invented. There is no excuse for the pending mass die-off set to occur. The blame game will not save lives, but science was well aware of the hard facts about climatic change long before “Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste” became an axiom and business model. We all will share in the blame because there was no excuse.

Fortunately there are humanitarians who are on the front lines of humanities struggle. and Wang Ping is one of these selfless individuals who has taken on this noble cause, ‘Sacred Water’. With her flagship  Kinship of Rivers Project she managed to offer focus on the lives of those who live and depend on our most hallowed natural resource, water.

There is no politics in Kinship of Rivers for this is all about humanity, awareness, and the indomitable spirit of a courageous woman named Wang Ping who has chosen to crusade for people who live along the rivers. Now their stories will be told and their hopes, dreams and prayers will be releases on Mt. Everest.

Is Wang Ping politically motivated? Not a chance for she is the real deal not a wannabe community leader who runs her mouth and says nothing like most self centered politicians. Frankly Wang Ping already achieved the impossible career wise so she is not spoiled by success like so many people before her. She is a true advocate for all that is good in humanity and deceit is not in her vocabulary.

Maybe if there were more people like Wang Ping, this planet would not be such a superficial world where social position, greed and disregard human life are well within the realm of political correctness and conventional wisdom. She’s as a dedicated Water Warrior the ‘people of the river’ call friend, and so do I.

Rock On Ping!

Your Devil’s Advocate




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