Top 445 Complaints and Reviews about Frigidaire Refrigerators This Frigidaire is a real LEMON!!!

Top 445 Complaints and Reviews about Frigidaire Refrigerators

Even religious Christian businesses are selling them and are not being honorable in their dealings with their customers:( They ask you to get a repair man in to look at it?  But once you do, then they say you can not return it. They stall you with this game to use up the 30 days you have for returning it:( They also say you have to pay shipping and restocking with in that 30 days! 😦 It seems to come with a curse!  An evil prayer with it? Wow! No joke!

This French Door Frigidaire is a real LEMON!!! A design that should never have been produced. The Ice Maker that will run, catches on fire!!!!!! The French Doors have an open gap at top and bottom, that lets room temps into frig:(  Also to get the Energy Seal of approval, they have it only going down to 45 degrees and not get any colder. So that is fraud! So people loose any food stored in them to spoilage:( But really in Being so warm it runs all the time trying to get cool and runs up your electric bill!!!!!! I think there should be a recall after reading all the other reviews with the same problems. I also just spent over $400 on parts to fix my Frigidaire Gas Stove. I hate these products with a passion. This company has the worst customer service and products on the…
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