Solid Plans For Your Future That You Make!

Some have started their own family and personal friends Community.



What have you planned?


Thanks for your support and for taking our suggestions seriously 😉
Kimberly and I have many friends and a huge family here in the states, particularly in California. We are not planning on leaving. If people in our situation aren’t willing to take a stand for freedom, justice and prosperity, who would? We are not planning to run and hide, though I respect that decision if it is necessary for others.
Our choice is to band together with like minded, open hearted people to take back our rights and our power right here and now…and to help others all over the world to do so as well. We intentionally live in a community – Santa Cruz, CA – that has done itself proud repeatedly, standing up against nuclear radiation, pesticides, toxic aerial spray, mandatory smart meters, the NDAA and more. We all have our email lists of awakening activists and freedom lovers and we are well organized. We hope that that can be an inspiring beacon for other communities world-wide. Such communities are not just found, they are made. Good luck and hang in there!


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