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Antonio Sanchez shared Justice for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash Woman Warrior’s photo.

November 26 at 10:47am · Edited ·

Approximately 40 years ago this week my mother began the horrific journey that would end her life. In memory of her suffering and in light of all ‪#‎MMIW‬ who have suffered at the hands of domestic abuse and violence I thought it necessary to document the last two weeks of her life so those who do not know the facts can experience the truth , efforts and commitment made to bring justice to Annie Maes Memory . To this day AIM, Leonard Peltier and Amnesty International publically support the murderers and those complicit in her execution.

Nov. 24th, 1975- Annie Mae attends an arraignment where she is represented by Lawyer Rob Riter. She is bonded out on weapons charges and is checked into a hotel in Pierre along with other WKLDOC lawyers and assistants to await trial. She later is picked up by Ray Hand Boy and Evelyn Bordeaux (now deceased) and driven to Colorado in the middle of the night. http://www.jfamr.org/doc/handboy.html

AIM member Troy Lynn Yellow Wood would later testify that Annie Mae was brought to her house the week of Thanksgiving (Nov, 27th, 1975) and that thru several occasions over the years she had been told and heard information via John Trudell, Arlo Looking Cloud and Angie Janis (Begay) regarding the execution of Annie Mae by AIM members John (Boy Patton) Graham and Arlo Looking Cloud. http://www.jfamr.org/doc/troytest.html

Our family has not heard from our mother at this point. Later a letter that is en route during this time would surface that explains her condition and upcoming trial. The last we had conversed with her was when she was visiting and had expressed concern and dismay at being interrogated by Leonard Peltier who shoved a gun into her mouth and accused her of being a fed in New Mexico mere weeks before she went missing. Our mother had shared that things were not going well within the American Indian Movement and when our family protested her return to the states she claimed she HAD to go back because she had to prove to her accusers she was not the person they were accusing her of being. This would be the last time we physically saw our Mother.

Antonio Sanchez



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