Yuchi (Tsoyaha) Indigenous People

Antonio Sanchez shared Yuchi (Tsoyaha) Indigenous People’s photo.

Yuchi (Tsoyaha) Indigenous People's photo.

#382 The Tennessee River Valley is the ancient home of the Yuchi. When Cahokia declined the Yuchi and Siouan residents dispersed – with the Yuchi moving into the Tennessee River Valley — First the Nashville Basin and then into the Great Valley of the Appalachians. This map preserves the more ancient names used by the Yuchi, Koasati, Tali, &Tuskegee for the rivers and mountains in this ancient homeland. Yuk’u (Great Valley) between the Yunekgah – (Great Rattlesnake Mountains) & the Yudap’athotha – (Great Turtle’s Backbone) was home to several tribes and the cradle where the Green Corn Ceremony was shared among the many Southeastern tribes. This Cosmopolitan region was a major center of the salt economy that sustained this great preColumbian civilization. See: https://decolonialatlas.wordpress.com/…/indigenous-place-n…/

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