#380 Yuchi sheet music for the flute

Yuchi (Tsoyaha) Indigenous People's photo.

#380 Yuchi sheet music for the flute — The flute has long been an important musical instrument in the Southeastern Mound Building Culture. Bamboo (guni cane — Arundinaria gigantea) flutes both 4 & 6 holed fipple flutes and pan flutes, as well as conch shell horns, were mainstay instruments with a wide range of uses. Many flutes survived because they were highly valued tools and were clad with sheet copper, which preserved the cane wood down through the centuries (see the itslt paper in the attached url). The Yuchi traders used the flute to announce their arrival to villages along the trails as depicted in the Kokopelli glyphs. Flutes were also used to serenade in courting, and during storytelling (see accessgenealogy url below).


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