How To Grow Pineberries


How To Grow Pineberries

Written by Tammy on November 1, 2013. Posted in How To

Growing Pineberries

Pineberries are everbearing strawberries. This means that you will have an almost continual supply of fruit. However, it’s been noted that they will stop bearing if the heat index soars. If you’re going to grow them outdoors, its something to be aware of, as is the need to mulch the crowns with straw or grass clippings for winter to protect them from excessive temperatures.

Indoors you can use traditional container growing methods, but do be sure you have good drainage as strawberry plants are notorious for root and crown rot in conditions that are too wet. If you discover belatedly that you’ve erred in gauging the potting mix’s drainage capacities, you might still be able to save the crop. One time I ordered strawberry starts and they arrive long before it was safe to plant outdoors. Then they got forgotten in the back of the refrigerator, and by the time I found them they were rotting and growing mold. I decided to plant them anyway… the worst that could happen was absolutely nothing. Guess what – they grew. Amazingly, even the biggest mistakes are sometimes correctable.

You can use hydroponic and aeroponic methods to grow strawberries, so pineberries are the perfect crop for a tower or vertical garden. They are low growing plants whose fruit hangs down, making them a great choice for growing overhead too.


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