Radiation Solution: Hutchison Effect !!!!!!

Radiation Solution: Hutchison Effect !!!!!! I think it is so cool these inventors with wired brains like Tesla, can come up with something powerful enough to freely help the whole World is so great!!!!!!! Yes, true they want to save their lives also:)

Using John’s radio wave message inside a copper tube with special magnets…. into a copper tube grid around the World with trusted people placing these ‘Free Johnny Tubes’ made by John and they are watching over them. Hey it saves their families, too!

Great job every one!

John and Nancy thank Chris for helping them test the radio waves to make sure whole message is there  in Copper Johnny Tubes to make sure they all are working:) Guess what ? They work!

Thank You!

Now for each of us to make some of these bucket tubes to scatter and stop the Chem Trails over our homes!

Radiation Solution: Hutchison & Bloomington Hobbits

LOOK INFO NEWS http://www.dailymotion.com/johnkhutchison1#video=x16yd8j look new POWER CELLS FREE ENERGY NEWS LATEST VIDEOS John Hutchison stops by Cindy and…

youtube.com|By johnkhutchison1

New Site he is setting up.

The John Hutchison Effect – Home Page

Hutchisoneffect.ca is the official website designed for and with John Hutchison himself. Find videos, photographs, links to important documents and experiments. Also, check out the X-Files Newsletter.



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