Canada Becoming Republic of Kanata January 15. 2015 / Iceland’s Great Story!

Not on Main Media Either!

Jag Ensing's photo.

Folks you know about Iceland taking a stand against the Bankers of New World Odor Rule , Right?

Jag Ensing's photo.

Did you know the First Nation Peoples and Friends  are kicking out The Canada British Empire January 2015? The birth of our new Nation commences in just two weeks, when the Republic of Kanata will be constitutionally established. On January 15 at 5:00 pm CET, the lawful jurisdiction of Kanata will be proclaimed and our flag raised over what was once the corporate entity called “Canada”.…/independence-day-is-january-15-republic…/

At that time, wherever you are, please gather as a branch or as individuals to help us proclaim the Republic by reading in public our Proclamation of Independence, and posting your action to the world. From then on, we will all be operating under a new legal and political jurisdiction, under our own sovereign authority.



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