People Standing for Justice



Discussion on Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take?

People Standing for Justice

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    J. Ann Gilman E. 6 months ago

    So much information is breaking out of the shadows that will help people realize that what they were taught in school were lies upon lies of untruths. I realize all of us are at different levels in learning or discovering these different hush hush history points. One that seems to be a hard pill to take, is Washington DC is not what is seems for those so deep in politics! They think is happening now slowly but really it happened in 1871! Two Constitutions In The United States The 1st Version Was Suspended In Favor Of A Vatican Corporation In 1871 .The US Is A Corporation ! Reconstruction Era Act Forms Corporate Government Press – 092911. It is hard on our mind and system to wake up to all of this but the more people wake up the more changes can be make to the good ! When the Top Elite realize they have been found out is when they become more fearful and make mistakes! The ones lower on the The Elite ladder ,who did not know any of this either, get shaky and start falling apart. The awakened get braver and come together getting stronger and wiser! Now with a voice and suddenly a know how in dealing with all these lies we have been told. We are not going to take it any more! We find ways in protecting our selves from all their poisons in our air, water and foods. What plants will clean our air in our homes and business. What food to green house or indoor grow – that will help protect our body from these poisons. Yes , I see hope, I see a change. I will not get on their buses or trains for a ride to a Agenda 21 FEMA Camp for their so called protection. I also feel Mother Earth is also on our side and will add her voice soon, as she is able to survive with out man . She does not need these Elite to control her or her weather. She is able to Heal by herself. She is not going to let them Rule over her! No Way! Have Hope for better days!  I am just one voice crying out in this wilderness, saying hang on we can make it!


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