You can clearly see here that these are not contrails…Who Protects Their Own Murders? Who Does That?

look at the chemical colors at the edge of the clouds. an the plane's trail is leaving a shadow.
"chembow" on the cloud
look at the shape of these!

Nancy Parker Hill added 3 new photos.

The only “theory” here is that the public masses won’t believe that chemicals are being sprayed out of planes. You can clearly see here that these are not contrails…just LOOK at the chemical colors in these clouds; and ice crystals certainly don’t form into sick looking trails like this. These were taken yesterday above my home, our HOME! This is being done almost daily, and its going on everywhere. I’m sorry to post these kinds of pics – those who have known me over the years here know I love to post birds and flowers -That’s why I have to post…these. Start researching folks, we have to band together to demand that this stop.







TANKER JET spraying chemtrails filmed up close by AF pilots! DBickford-360-980-5397



Part II: Bill Gates’ Published Plan to Drench the Earth With Sulfuric Acid



Our Skies Today 2014 The Eyes Are Useless When The Mind Is Blind:(









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