ok forage ahead: Wild Food

I posted the following on both of my FB groups and wanted to post it here. This problem is growing, so much that each day I spend my morning on it.

Each morning I sit on this computer and answer emails. The last couple of weeks have been hard as I have so many emails from those who are food insecure. We have thousands here in Oklahoma. They are looking for a way to extend there food each month. All of my email seems to be from the elderly and young families. Their stories are heartbreaking to say the least. Due to the cut coming this month for many of them to their food stamps, they are looking for a way to keep food on their tables. Many of these families have both parents working. Then I received a email from a group who are concerned with our food banks that help feed many of these people. Due to the Farm Bill they will be receiving less and have no way to make up for the loss which will mean less food they can give out. This will be devastating to many of these families. I am giving you facts and by no way does this call for any political statements, they are not allowed here. I have made every effort to engage these people in conversation and try helping them with solutions. So far all have been receptive to any suggestions and very thankful. So what can I do to help them and others who find themselves in this situation? I have an idea of combining members of this group and my Let’s teach them to fish group to put on a free classes to show them ways to help them through this. I know if there are this many that are able to email me there must be so many times more. In the next couple of weeks I will call for volunteers to help me organize this. I will need volunteers in many different areas as it is impossible for me to travel this much. I am hoping to make a series of video’s to send out to be shown. This is a big project. I would like to put the video’s online for those who have access to computers. I most likely will start another group for this or run it from the Let’s teach them to fish group and my web site. If you have any ideas, send them to me at tsitsalagi@gmail.com

Jackie Dill

Heritage Wildcrafter
Oklahoma Wildcrafting – www.oklahomawildcrafting.com.
Foraging Web Site may be found at,

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