[okforageahead] Yesterday’s news shoot

I though I would share yesterday all went very well. Jenny, Ken Katheryn and Marc were all interviewed along with me. We set down to lunch with Kisha (reporter) and the camera lady and fed them some wild foods. Kisha liked passion fruit and tried it all and so did the camera lady. We had wild egg drop soup and Katheryn made up some great plates of vegs from my garden along with pickled garlic scapes. We had sauteed Puff Ball mushrooms which I sent the remainder with our Mycologist Ken Conway. During the interviews Ken spoke about the years he spent getting called from the Poison Control when someone would eat a mushroom and show up at the ER. He says he does not miss being woke up in the middle of the night. Jenny brought many of her herbal preparations this time and shared her natural dyed clothes. Katheryn shared her new experiences of wildcrafting and about writing books, by the way she left a book she wrote on the table and I hope she left it for me! Marc had a throat problem so I made him some Purple Bee Balm tea. I didn’t get to listen to his interview, but I am sure it was great as he is such a progressive wise chef. His knowledge of nutrition and where your food comes from is extensive. At the end of the day I took the girls wildcrafting. I sure hope the stand of prickly Pear cactus make the cut they are so pretty. They were a lot of fun and want to come back to wildcraft without cameras. I checked on the hickory nuts and acorns yesterday and both are not ready yet. The pecans are falling as are the black walnuts. The wild hops are getting ready for you beer makers.

Jackie Dill

Heritage Wildcrafter
Oklahoma Wildcrafting – www.oklahomawildcrafting.com.

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