10 month-old Chihuahua Bella Fast Horse goes Missing at Rosebud Fair $300 reward offered for her safe return

Ann Little Running Deer shared Martha Fast Horse‘s photo.
10 month-old Chihuahua Bella Fast Horse goes Missing at Rosebud Fair
$300 reward offered for her safe returnContact: Martha Fast Horse (612) 619-6797 / Lucinda Ellert (605) 747-4843

Rosebud, S.D., Sept. 3, 2013 – Bella Fast Horse, a 10 month-old tan Chihuahua puppy, went missing at the Rosebud fairgrounds on Aug. 24 at 2 p.m. She was sitting in a 2000 Dodge Durango waiting with her owner Martha Fast Horse of Minneapolis and Rosebud when she disappeared.

Fast Horse, who is host of “The Martha Fast Horse Show” in Minneapolis, is asking for her safe return. There is a $300 reward, which will be offered with no questions asked.

Bella is tan with all black claws, except for one white claw on her right front paw. She was wearing a black harness and matching leash with a silver charm when she went missing.

Fast Horse is hoping that anyone who hears Bella’s story will realize that Bella belongs with her.

“My daughter Ashley, who is 24, found an ad on Craigslist for Chihuahua puppies for sale,” says Fast Horse. “She bought a female and a few days later bought a male. The next day my son Craig, who is 26, and his wife bought one they named Bebe. Ashley told me the owner still had two puppies left. I let my son Andrew (Ashley’s twin), know about the puppies and suggested he get one for his new girlfriend. Ashley made the call and they brought the tan female puppy to drop her off at my apartment. That was Bella.”

“Eventually they moved to an apartment where no pets were allowed, so they gave Bella to me,” says Fast Horse. “There is also a no pet policy where I live, so I was working to have her certified as a therapy pet, so I could keep her with me always.”

Bella was taken care of during the week days by my youngest daughter Shyla, who is 22, and her partner. My daughter Gina, who is 36, and her family also shared in providing for her.

“We all loved Bella and gave her the best possible care,” says Fast Horse. “When I would go to pick her up for weekend visits she would be so happy she would climb all over me and lick my face.”

“The last few weeks before she went missing she would cry when I tried to leave her, so I decided to keep her with me permanently,” says Fast Horse. “We slept together and Bella loved to sleep under the covers. Since I was having her certified as a therapy pet, I took her everywhere with me, to the Mall of America, to restaurants, grocery stores and department stores. Bella has her own wardrobe from Pet Smart and various thrift stores and yard sales. She has several harnesses, collars, and leashes that have matching charms. She has a whole bag full of squeaky toys and stuffed animals.”

“I bought her her own special bed and she even has a star quilt,” says Fast Horse. “About a month ago Bella went into hypoglycemic shock and I quickly searched online for how to treat her condition. Then I went out and bought her puppy vitamins and the best most nutritional puppy food I could find. She was my baby and I miss her so.”

“I know she is crying for me,” says Fast Horse. “I know wherever she is she is waiting for me to come for her.”

“If anyone living or working on the Rosebud reservation in south central South Dakota sees this notice, please keep an eye out for my precious Chihuahua Bella,” says Fast Horse. “She is like my own child and I will never stop searching for her. Each day is hard to get through. Wopila tanka!”

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