Who Rules The World? Who Gives Those Orders ? About 6 or 7 Men / Even with 13 Houses of The Royal Families Rule:)


M in F organs standing at their three Empire Cities is part of their worship to their false g*d Amen-Rah:( Very Sick! Very , Very sick people! They want to be our leaders of the World? Well, they want to murder off 90 % of us and just have robot workers to rule over really! New World Odor, sigh……

And The Walls Came Tumbling Down!

 Sorry but it looks like their mother ship is falling apart from the top! They should have not have used the children or women of the Tribes Nations of Mother Earth in their different s-x rituals to their g*d Amen Rah !


Sandy Hook paid actors

Satanic hand signal

[The hand sign for the followers of Evil. The Horned Hand or “Cornuto” represents the Devil, Satan.


A s-x  criminal pedofile of

The Ninth Circle /

Popes drink the blood of  the stolen raped/murdered babies, to become a pope:(



“We want the men and women who are now being trained as our police force to realize that children are dying horribly as we speak. Protecting those children will be the first job of our trained sheriffs. They will be detaining and incarcerating the guilty. And they will be deputizing other men and women to form Direct Action Units to enforce the standing arrest warrants against criminals like Joseph Ratzinger and Elizabeth Windsor. We can only protect our children by tracking down and stopping those who are raping and killing them, starting with the sick monsters known as the Ninth Circle.”

Empire Of The City (States) ~ The CrownWashington DC – The


Sep 16, 2012 – Vatican City controls the world through religion, the City of London controls the world through currency, and Washington DC controls the world

  1. The Vatican – London – Washington DC – Trilateral Triangle of World

    May 27, 2011 – Uploaded by ThaRedRooster

    The Vatican – London – Washington DC – Trilateral Triangle of World …. the united states would still be a

  2. More videos for The Crown, The Vatican , Washington DC »

  3. Vatican City – RELIGION: The Black Pope wants to merge all the religions into one, which Washington DC – MILITARY: Death camps and stacks of black plastic coffins It is the Crown Temple that controls the legal/court system of the US, Canada








    World Population Control / Kill Off 90%? NWOdor Really Likes People? In A Test Tube or Nut Shell or Somebodys Head? 🙂




    New World Order Train System in US

    July 18, 2014

    New World Order Train System. It Goes to the black dot city areas where people can live in tiny rooms stack and packed high rises. No one can live where they want any more or even own land. Sad days ahead for every person on the face of this earth, with their New World Order Plans:(

    Play Video

    Agenda 21 For Dummies

    Agenda 21 explained very well. Including implications it will have on humanity.




    rothschild rlalyn


    Would Ruling  s-x  criminals pedofiles try to stop you

    In Reporting the News?

    A S-x  criminal pedofile of

    The Ninth Circle


    queen Elizabeth II – NOT the rightful heir to the Throne of England






  1. invisalign before and after overjet

    Who Rules The World? Who Gives Those Orders ? About 6 or 7 Men / Even with 13 Houses of The Royal Families Rule:) | Spirit In The Wind 2

  2. New World Odor? Really?

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