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Blog Entry Free Health Clinic Resources Sep 3, ’10 11:04 AM
by Ann for group lrdjournal

Free Health Clinic Resources



Last week I posted on Facebook that I got my lab results back from my physicals with Dr. H. and Dr. V. (In case you are wondering, all was well except that my mercury level is twice what it should be. Time to start cutting out the tuna and eating more cilantro!) So, I decided to stress to everyone how important it is to get regular physical exams — they really are the best way to get a jump on health issues before they become problems! I then challenged everyone to get a full physical done that week. I was so saddened by what happened next!

I saw so many comments to my post from people who didn’t have health insurance or the finances available to get those necessary check-ups. While this problem in our country has been well publicized, seeing it come out of the mouths of my friends hits home — very hard. In the future, I have decided to make this issue a top priority — helping people like you get access to health care.

To that end, I did a little digging and I got some help from Dr. Van Herle and my Empowered Media and teams to find some national and Los Angeles County-based resources that provide — or can help you locate — free or no-insurance-needed medical and dental clinics in your area. I wanted to share that information with you here on this blog. I cannot personally endorse these web sites, medical facilities or the care that they provide, so be sure to do your homework before deciding which free medical or dental clinic to go to — just as you would when making any important health decision.

Seriously guys, I encourage you to be proactive about your health! I can arm you with tools, but you have to do your part too. So don’t put your physicals off another day. Make a bloody appointment for a check-up now! No excuses!


National Medical and Dental Free or No Insurance Needed Resources:


Free Medical Clinics in Los Angeles County:

  • The Burke Health Center, 2509 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica Ca 90405 (310) 392-8630
  • The Venice Family Clinic, 604 Rose AveVenice, Ca 90291 (310) 392-7875
  • Harbor UCLA Community Clinic, 593 West 6th Street, San Pedro, Ca 90731 (310) 547-0202 (Also at Harbor for children, ages 0-17)
  • HCC Do Knabe Pediatric Clinic, 731 S. Beacon Street, San Pedro, Ca 90731 (310) 732-5882

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