Climate Change, Global Warming, and the Built Environment …2

Blog Entry Climate Change, Global Warming, and the Built Environment …2 Aug 3, ’09 4:40 PM
by Ann for everyone

Wow, my old page was deleted? How did that happen?

Global Warming TV with out the widget;-)

If you’re going to build it, build it green — that’s the motto of this pioneering and entertaining eco-lifestyle television series on PBS. Each week host Kevin Contreras explores a range of topics, from the Green Extreme to blue jean insulation as he takes viewers on a journey of discovery where they see that consciousness can be as much about style as it is about our sense of responsibility. Check your local PBS stations for air times and visit for more everyday advice about making your own home more healthy, energy efficient and better for the environment.

YouTube — Building Green TV on PBS — Season One Sizzle Reel!

Join us for Season One of Building Green and follow the adventures of host Kevin Contreras as he builds his dream house—out of $2600 worth of straw. The hills of Santa Barbara, CA, where Kevin lives, do not exactly scream eco-village—what will the neighbors say?–but Kevin is determined that his new home will not only keep up with the Joneses, but make them green with envy.

HouseCalls —

A home improvement site dedicated to homeowners seeking do-it-yourself articles, videos and drawings. Projects and ideas cover:kitchen, bathroom, floors, … even your yard….

This Old House instruction videos —

Basements and Foundations

Today at This Old House

Solar Hot Water

Wired Science Peak Water PBS TV

Wired Science . Video: Peak Water | PBSPeak Water. Flash Player 9 or higher required. To upgrade, please click here. … Community Television of Southern California (KCET) / WIRED Magazine. … — 25k


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