Manataka Story sites

Manataka Story sites Jan 26, ’09 9:54 PM
by Ann for everyone
Story of Manataka


Adventures of Great Rabbit 

A Ute Horse Raid 

A New Bow for Tani  

Achomawi Creation Story

A Tail of Fire

Bear & The Badger Story

Cherokee Fish Story

Cherokee Medicine & Little People New!

Children of Hummingbird

 First Fire

First Totem Poles

How Bear Lost His Tail

How Buffalo Has A Hump  New!

How Buzzard Got His ClothingNew!

How Chipmunk Got Stripes

How Coyote Stopped Imitating  New!

How Do Animals Spend Winter?

How Rainbow Got It’s ColorsNew!

How To Make A Corn Husk Doll

Iktomi Dakota Stories

Little Brave & Medicine Woman New!

Little People of the Cherokee

Mullyangah the Morning Star

Native Games  3 Big Pages

Native Games 2

Native Games 3

 Native Game – Lënape

Oneida Corn Husk Dolls

Origin of Bears

Owl Gets Married

Pocahontas Myth

Rabbit Steals Otters Coat

Little Crow and Jack Rabbit

Tale of Two Wolves


Turtle Makes War On Men







A Battle Between Front & Whirlwind New!

A Bird In Search of A Mate – Seneca New!

A Boy & His Dog – Seneca New!

A Lazy Man – Seneca Story New!

A Lover’s Quarrel – Seneca New!

A Man Chased by The Lizards New!

A Man’s Revenge – WinnebagoNew!

A Pueblo Bluebeard New!

Adam and Eve – A Tlingit Story 

Âgän-uni’tsï’s Search For The Uktena

Algonquin Flood Story

Algon and the Sky Girl

A Kachina Race 

A New Legend for the People

AnêktcXô’lEmiX  –  A Chinook Story

Always-Living-by-the Coast – Kiakuit

Arrow Boy – A Cheyenne Story 

At Rainbows End – A Navajo Story

Birth of the Little People – Cherokee

Blackfeet – The Crazy Dog Society

Bringers of the Great Peace

Brother & Sister Pursued Man-Eater  New!
Buffalo Calf Woman – Lakota

Creation Story – Algonquin 

Creation Story – Apache  

Creation Story Arrow Men – Coos Story  

Creation Story – AztecNew!

Combing Snakes From Atotarho’s Hair

Dream Catchers – Ojibwe

Falling Star 

Haliksai – Hopi Legend  

How the Buffalo Dance Came

How Spirituality Came Into The World 

How Whites Came to Cheyenne

Legend of the Cedar Tree  

Legends of Devil’s Tower  New!

Legend of Eagle Man 

Legend of Forked Mountain 

Legend of the Keetoowah  New!

Legend of Pathfinder

Legend of Pilot Knob New!

Legend of Sleepy Waters 

Legend of Tlanuhwa 

Legend of Spearfinger  

Legend of Twin Springs

Little People of the Cherokee

Old Woman in the Cave

Peace Bringers

Red Hawk Legend 

Song of Life

Sacred Moccasins

Story of the Strawberry

The Bear Man 

The First Healers  New!

Warrior Maiden of the Oneidas

Why Birch Tree Wears Slashes

Warriors of the Rainbow 

Why Sun Follows Moon

Yaponcha – Hopi Story New!


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