Writer’s Links and Readings From Oscar Hokeah /2008

Blog Entry Writer’s Links and Readings From Oscar Hokeah Jan 14, ’08 12:46 AM
by little_running_deer for group lrdjournal Spirit In The Wind Groups

[And he is??????????
32 years old
SANTA FE, New Mexico
I am a student at the Institute of American Indian Arts, where I am obtaining my first degree. I wrote Emma’s Rapture without any schooling whatsoever. I just love to write, to tell stories. It’s my obsession, and not a bad one to have. I organize readings for Native writers.]

Date: Jan 13, 2008 8:59 AM
Subject: Writer’s Advice

Body: Getting in the door to this business is a difficult one. There are a lot of writers, many of which are good. What this tells us is that the market is highly competative, and if you are not willing to compete then your chances of making it go down. But I haven’t met a writer who isn’t willing to do the work.

The place to start are magazines. Publish short stories in Magazines. Even if you have already written a novel, set the novel aside and start submitting short stories. Agents read these magazines to look for potential talent.

I have a growing list of literary mags on the blog of myspace, so stop over and check it out. If you are a genre writer, then you can google a list of magazines for your genre, i.e. “List of Horror magazines”, “List of Mystery magazines”, and so on. Sites with entire lists of magazines will pop up. Bookmarking the sites makes easy access.

If you publish regularly in “Little” Mags, you will generate a name for yourself. Agents and Editors will notice you.

You can also email me a message and let me know that you are a writer and what you write about and I can add you to my Top Friends. It’s exposure for those of us who are determined to find representation. My Top Friends will change from time to time, so new writers have the opportunity to show their stuff.

Keep me posted on your progress.

Oscar Hokeah



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