Digital Drum CA. / 2008

Blog Entry Digital Drum CA. Jan 11, ’08 12:26 PM
by little_running_deer for group lrdjournal
The Aboriginal Peoples Television  (APTN) in Canada has created a website dedicated to promoting Native culture through digital film and media. Digital Drum enables emerging artists to express their voice to a world-wide audience via the internet.
 If you’re Canadian (sorry American homies), can handle a camera and have a story to tell, go to the Digital Drum website where you can upload your film directly and watch what others have submitted. As they say on the site… “It’s your show, your culture. You decide. Stay back and hide or join the ride. Only you have the power to save your history. We just give you the tools to do it.”

This IS what it’s all about, friends. thumbup

My short movie is on this site. It’s part of an online contest (only crappy thing is that you have to get a username to vote), but if you have about 1min 30seconds or so to spare. Take a look at my movie.

It’s called Heaven’s Fiddle, in case the above link doesn’t work.

It premiered at the ImagineNative Film Fest in Toronto in October.

If you like it please vote or leave comment or tell someone that may enjoy it.

Thank you,



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