Silly Thoughts for the Day

Silly Thoughts for the Day Jan 31, ’08 9:10 AM
for everyone

Do you like change? Well, other then Mother Earth’s Seasons I mean.

I kind of go with ‘if it works why fix it’ or “if it is not broke don’t fix it”more and more these days. Must be getting older?

Like they lure you in with these cute little extra Blog things when you first start out.

Everyone jumps on the band wagon and you see them every where!

Then the owner of the site gets bored to tears

or who knows maybe they even have died? Sorry!

But there it goes bye, bye! So Long!

And your life on line is real busy now, you just don’t have the time

to hunt down a replacement, that is if you really need one.

Oh heck admit it, LRD! I really liked it!

Yeah, I got use to seeing it there waiting to greet me when I stopped by.

What am I talking about?

Okay ……. Like my little weather pixieat Main Journal.

Or my number counter to see how many stopped in to visit.

Or my nice coded MySpace Picture for the background at MySpace.

Shoot I know life goes on …… but you got use to them too didn’t you?

Ahhhhh you can tell me ……. you miss them too!

And you are thinking why doesn’t she get off her lazy____ and fix it!

Right? …….. Right



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