The Lone Ranger wears the wrong mask!

Blog Entry The Lone Ranger wears the wrong mask! May 30, ’11 12:12 AM
by Ann for everyone

Wow! Multiply Really Did A Number On Us! Sorry Folks!







In Our First round of moving from the huge Micro-Soft Blogs! We All LOST most of our big Group Blogs in that move!

Now in this move to Here at Word Press from Multiply!

A big shock!!!!!!  They ended up taking everything with them!

Yes, Now that they are completely shut down ?

As They changed over to their Asian Market Place.

I find they also took all our pictures / videos/  and Links!!!!!! Gads! So there are all these empty posts HERE Now! I can not delete them, as that would throw out a bunch of 404′s for this Site on the search engines!





And now Care2!

Has Shrunk all of our photo Albums over there

at their Site to thumb nails!!!!!!







May 3, 2013
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