Tiny Urban Farm in the City Lives Green (ABC 7 News )

Tiny Urban Farm in the City Lives Green (ABC 7 News )
ABC 7 NEWS REPORT, September 28, 2006 The Dervaes family runs Path to Freedom, an urban homesteading project, in Pasadena. Since the ’80s the family has transformed their city lot into an organic permaculture garden. The yard features more than 350 varieties of plants which are either edible or used for other purposes. The garden supplies the family with their food year round. The family sells some of their greens to local restaurants. Doing this gives them money to purchase solar panels and energy efficient appliances. The solar panels provide their home with power and they use a solar oven to cook food on sunny days. 


Fill your tractor’s gas tank for $.70 a gallon August 21, 2008 11:25 PM

Path to Freedom



When the tank on his truck runs low, Jules Dervaes looks for a fillup. But unlike most of us, Jules doesn’t stop at the corner gas station. In fact, he passes by all those high-price petrols. Instead, the former math teacher heads home to his garage where he fills ‘er up with his homebrewed biodiesel.


Growing your own food:) their gardening video! August 21, 2008 2:24 PM


Path to Freedom

Strives to inspire individuals to “think globally, act locally” by motivating them to live a simpler and more fulfilling life.
www.pathtofreedom.com/ – 21k –

 Gathering wild weed foods or Gardening Ann’s collection:)With recipes

August 27, 2008


The Dervaes family runs Path to Freedom, an urban homesteading project,

In the garden

We are back to normal – weather wise that is. Hopefully with the slightly warmer temps we’ll be able to wrangle out another summer harvest.

As fall nears, preservation efforts continue here on the urban homestead. I can safely say this has been the best canning year’s yet – the pantry’s packed (Ma Ingalls and Laura Ingalls would be proud)! This week we are trying a new fig preservation recipe – sweet fig pickles! After all, with all these figs, one starts looking for different ways to preserve them and this one sounds yummy. Also we are putting up enough fig preserves to enjoy fig jam grilled cheese and arugula sandwiches come fall and winter – delicious!

Another round of preservation today – freezing eggplant, canning peppers and more figs!

How have you come up with different ways, recipes to preserve your harvest this year?




Homegrown Revolution (TreeHugger TV 2006)

Watering also… Neat, cool, bad!




Veggy Fuel Link


Part 1 – Sustainable Food (UCLA Lecture)


Part 2 – Sustainable Food (UCLA Lecture)



Part 3 – Sustainable Food (UCLA Lecture)

Part 4: Q & A session after UCLA lecture


Part 5: Q & A session after UCLA lecture




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